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The Relationship Between Adolf Hitler and Zionism

   The original “Final Solution” to the so-called “Jewish Problem” or “Jewish Question” was to evacuate all Jewish Germans to a Jewish settlement which had been built in Madagascar. Alternatives to Jewish settlement in the land of Palestine included, at different times, a part of Kenya which was formerly Ugandan territory; as well as Argentina, Siberia, Japan, China, and the Sinai Peninsula.
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   Hitler approved a plan for forced mass Jewish emigration to Madagascar the year before Germany invaded Poland
     Hitler and Eichmann favored the forcible deportation of four million European Jews to Madagascar over the course of four years as favorable over deportation to Poland. During World War II, the logistics of the plan crumbled. Ostensibly, Jewish communities arising in Madagascar were to be autonomous, but in truth, the S.S. was to oversee their administration in order to ensure failure resulting in mass death.

   Hitler and his staff supported Zionism and Jewish emigration to Palestine as early as the first year Hitler was in power, and as late as well into World War II. The Nazis just wanted the Jews out, they didn't really care where, or whether they survived. They were certainly willing to negotiate with Zionists, as was Josef Stalin. However, Hitler only favored Zionism insofar as its original intention, a Jewish homeland in Palestine under British control. It wasn't until after Hitler's death that the State of Israel's founding members won a vote on whether to declare independence.

   I think this shows that Hitler qualifies as a Zionist, specifically (eventually, although not initially Palestinian) a Christian Palestinian-Zionist. Also, there were people high up in the Nazi power structure who were allegedly Jewish; for example, Adolf Hitler himself, and Alfred Rosenberg. Adolf Eichmann (due to his appearance) and Dietrich Eckhart, have also been suspected, at various times, of having Jewish heritage; but these claims are more dubious than those regarding Rosenberg and Hitler. Additionally, the Nazis maintained the Jewish Ghetto Police, a force of Jewish police officers whose job it was to make sure that ghetto-dwelling Jews followed the Nazis' orders.
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