Sunday, April 20, 2014

Airport Security and the Expectation of Harm

Written on June 7th, 2011

   I've been told that it's acceptable for airport security personnel to search travelers without permission, a judge's warrant, or reasonable suspicion because those travelers have the expectation that when they go to the airport, they will be searched.

   I've also heard G.G. Allin say that people know when they walk into one of his shows, they have the expectation that they may be beaten or raped by the performer, and that they enter at their own risk. And, being that people are prone to mosh at such shows, they should not be able to blame one another for hitting them because they should have the expectation that when they get close enough to the mosh pit, they might get drawn into what would normally be considered a fight.

   I gather that the general principle here is that expectation makes violation of personal safety acceptable. That's why I'm willing to make a compromise.

   I'm willing to accept being given the illusory choice between being given cancer and seen naked versus being molested, as long as musicians are allowed to rape their fans on stage and punk and metal shows are classified as Temporary Autonomous Zones.

   Be consistent; either all forms of public rape are legal, or none are.

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