Sunday, April 20, 2014

Summary of My Political Views

Written on October 7th, 2012
Edited in April 2014

[Note: this does not necessarily represent the
full breadth of my views as of the present day.]

  1. Constitutional-republican (rule of written law)
  2. Voluntary confederalist (lack of compulsory inter-governmental association)
  3. National Personal Autonomist / National Personal Sovereigntist (citizenry without denizenry / no unnatural territorial sovereignty)
  4. Dual-federalist (geographical diffusion of power)
  5. Multi-federalist / subsidiarist (structural diffusion of power)
  6. Functional Overlapping Competing Jurisdictionist (diffusion of political power across subject matter and policy topics)
  7. Market-anarchist and Agorist (competition in governance and the provision of public commodities)
  8. Synthesis-anarchist (syncretism and reconciliation of systemic economic theories)
  9. Quasi-panarchist (rule according to the will of nearly all)
  10. Longian post-Lockean polyarchist (rule according to the will of free choice from among a set of competing alternative agents and agencies offering to rule)
  11. Proviso-Lockean (rejection of property agreements based on historical exploitation and which impair the utility of others)
  12. Mutualist (mutual support, reciprocity, reciprocal altruism, and voluntary association, cooperation, collaboration, and organization)
  13. New Institutional Economics anarchist (elimination of transaction costs to bring about alternative property rights assignments to internalize conflicts and externalities)
  14. Pan-secessionist anarchist (counter-economicism, counter-culturalism, and counter-politics)
  15. Anti-tripartist / anti-neo-corporatist / anti-integral-nationalist anarchist (opposition to undue government influence on – and intrusion into, and intervention in – the negotiation between agencies of labor and capital)

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