Sunday, April 20, 2014

On Social Corporatism and Tripartism

Written on May 27th, 2011

   Social corporatism is the political system of the day.

   It goes back at least as far as the FDR administration, and if the Strasser brothers had seen Hitler carry out
the delivery of benefits to unions which they promised, Nazi Germany would have been a National Social Corporatist country.

   Corporations extract profit from workers.
   Unions extract dues from laborer-members.
   Government extracts taxes from citizens.

   Government requires corporations to negotiate with unions.
   Unions condition laborer-members to accept a certain level of union-approved benefits from their employers.
   Unions and corporations alike lobby government for funds.

   Social corporatism thrives best when government, corporations, and unions collude to legitimize one another in private, but decry one another in public.

   Social corporatism is a way to put unions and corporations on a level playing field with one another, and this is customarily done through special favors from the government.

   I would end this practice, putting unions and corporations on a level playing field with one another by training them to seek power and wealth independent of government-provided taxpayer funds.

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