Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Using Schizophrenia as a Powerful Creative and Introspective Tool

          The full title of this piece is “Using Schizophrenia as a Powerful Creative and Introspective Tool: On the Auto-Induction of Delusionary Thought Processes as a Method of Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual, and Fiduciary Self-Evaluation”.

Trigger Warning:

          This article may be triggering to some people.
          But to make a sigil-currency omelette, you've got to break a few legs. This is to say that it will be necessary to trigger oneself; this will help to recover lost and suppressed memories.
          You must allow yourself to go so beautifully insane that your insanity heals your personality disorders. You must embrace the positive aspects of these disorders (which make you special and unique), and you must utilize them, in order to hone your deductive and intuitive skills (whether magickal or emotional), and to improve what I call your “Cognitive Discord”. Never tear down a delusion if it also happens to be one of your wildest dreams.
          Fortunately, the spiritual, mental, and emotional benefits of these practices far outweigh the detriments, and the rewards brought to bear by the alternatives. But that's what happens when you fix weights and measures without considering the Stone Price (YIC) and the Flesh Price (TBD).
          So take heed, for there are many risks to consider before getting engaged in such an Alchymical Wedding.

          First, a joke: What does occult magick have in common with economics under hoarding and scarcity? They both require and call for sacrifice! I mean, they don't call money the lifeblood of the economy for no reason.
          Another joke: What do the Moon and the Dollar(TM) have in common? They both have four quarters! That, and they form a Blood Mooney Coalition, which I believe is destined to unseat the Petrodollar-Weapondollar Coalition, to keep the USD strong against the moonetary crypto-unit which is known (on the Chinese Dark Web) as the Moon-Yuan. Still, it takes a Moon-Yuan to know Yuan!
That's why, before constructing (really, minting), your new sigil-currency, it will first be necessary to turn oneself over to The Void; that spectre of spectres, the void of impermanence which, from Planck's Constant to bak'tun, assails us all.
          For, at once, it were necessary to learn the Intrinsic Arcane (the ancient symbols written upon our amygdalas); rig thrombosis adrenal, and gallivant, tryptamine-aware, into the ever-self-propelling and self-proliferating Process (Durga). Aum.

          Phase One is, of course, proper Self-Medication. That is, drug yourself.

          Step Pa: Smoke a lot of dope. That is, buy a lot of dope, and smoke it. Literally, put that in your pipe and smoke it! So say the ancient symbols.

          Step Veh: Drink as much coffee as possible. Research suggests that drinking black coffee aids in inducing schizophrenia. Use that.

          Step Ged: Gather up some of your rings and coins and trinkets, take them to a warlock, and spend them on some garlic garlands, cayenne pepper, and time. Bring it all back home and snort that shit.

          Step Gal: Your dope dealer probably smokes crank. Don't smoke meth; recall what the billboards say (“Not even twice”). Instead, absorb some second-hand fumes cutaneously. This will ensure that Shakespeare & Kepler's kaleidoscopic speculum-vortex will be firmly implanted into your frontal cortex. Put a vortex in your cortex. This will be necessary for the proceeding (preceding?) ceremonies.

          Step Or: Find a way to huff glue “accidentally”. Fix your glasses with super glue, and just let it dry on your face, while you breathe in the fumes “unknowingly”. Don't have glasses? Well, you still have a pineal gland. Get a shamanic monocle (or sha-monocle), and glue it up.

          Step Un: Freebase cookies (not literally; just table salt and brown sugar). It turns time backwards. It's hard to overestimate how useful this can make things.

          Though the majority of the drugging is complete, Thisbe but the first phase of your drugging; more will come later.

          Now, on to Phase Two: Spells, Incantations, and Rituals.

          Step Graph: Cast spells, and spell words upside-down and shit.
          Cast whatever spells on your landperson (or your Landlord JesusTM, whatever the case). Do whatever is necessary to ward them off (Montgomery Ward's), and filibuster their inquisitions with your incantations. Call her Lambchop and tell her to go away because she has no power here. Do a goddamn thing for the Empire.
          Inform the building manager (assuming you don't live in a ditch, hut, hogan, or cooperative housing yurt) that, although if you remove an “a” from “manager”, you get “manger”; if you add an “l” to “manger”, you get “mangler”. This will freak them out, and show them that to be a tenant is to be Led like a lamb to the slaughter.
          I mean, seriously! I need to burn incense and candles in my adobe abode, but the building codes forbode it. People can be so afraid of a little fire sometimes. The trees like to get lit just as much as we do, people! Who has an Eostre without fire?

          Step Tal: Isolate yourself.
          Trigger and incite yourself. Doubt every thought you have, and question why you are thinking the way you are. But also question whatever motivates you to question yourself thusly.
          This will imbue you with the kind of Cognitive Discord (not to be confused with cognitive dissonance) which is necessary to comprehend the resplendent inanity that is the incoherent logick of Discordian thought.
          Go to a Zen session. Be foolish enough to interrupt someone. Do their little corporate retreat team-building exercise at the Wall; just don't spoil the esoteric surprise for yourself by learning about the Trappists beforehand.

          Step Gon: Figure out how to remove, re-install, replace, and fix, the locks (or lox) to all the doors and windows in your dwelling.

          Think on this question: What is the key to your core (coeur)?. Where is your true home; In which Temple are your true souls housed? Whatever the House, whatever its Key, that will be your sigil; will be your currency.
          Remember, as you live, your home is your Pyramid. And, as you live and die (in your cold, shitty apartment), it becomes your mausoleum, just as the Pyramus intended.
          And so, you must protect it; by warding off snakes, loan-sharks, and loan-snakes, those fraudulent u-serping u-serpents which plagued Egypt so long from now. They are that Genetic beast crawling on its belly, that squelcher of the dreams of our immortality once had by our feathren, Brother-Men, and Whethermen. Praise Imhotep, Lord Abbie of the Abbey, and the Dual Hoffman of psychopomp and circumstance.

          Step Gon·: Smell is the most powerful sense tied to memory. Seal every crack and crevice of the exits and entrances to your abode; windows, vents, and all. Because who doesn't love a good Caesarion section? Caesar's wife and her best friend Sam knew as well as anyone that the gods don't close a door without opening a Window. That ought to explain it all.
          Use duct tape and other sealants (feel free to huff them) to create an impermeable membrane between your cloister and What Lies Beyond. This will protect your neighbors from any HellfireTM which Issues from without your abode.
          To be The Catacombs is to be human; it is to be a Library of Alexandria of dead books, seeking One to read them. As Blake explained: to inquire of God is to ask of God. Theology is prayer.

          Step Na: Seek relief from the thunderous, paralyzing silence. “Play some Zeppelin, for God's sake”, as Sir Patton Oswalt (Emperor of YouTube, and the Conspirator who shot the General) imparted to us.
          Unfortunately in this case, life imitates art, so you are denied “Stairway”. However, “All My Love” serves as a delightful accompaniment to finding a metal hook on your Wall suitable for positioning a delicate crystalline lamp (LamBam) which would ordinarily belong on a desk-top.
          Ritual object magick is 10% inspiration and 90% Feng Shui.

          Step Ur: Now that your first incantation has been selected, build a soundtrack to accompany your spell-building and spellbinding. This is the soundtrack by which you are to captivate and fascinate your audience. Don't be afraid to go the extra mile, by literally taking the audience captive.
          Select a book of chansons; they can be either original works, or covers. Just keep in mind that an album of covers has two more covers than it lets on (that is, the back cover and the front cover).
          But however you fashion that you'll fascinate your audience (The Voices), you must fashion also spells. Encapsulate them within the binding of your spell-book (preferably one of human flesh, as we have disgust). And, praise Eminem, you know what this must mean; this is the only binding which is truly binding.
          You must bind The Book the same way The Covenant binds you.

          Step Mals: Isolate yourself. Deprive yourself of everything you once loved; friends, lovers, family, all social interaction. Join a cult if you have to (but don't just join a cult; be The Cult, be The Hidden).
          Deprive yourself of your hobbies, freedoms, possessions; even nutrition, heat, and ventilation. Cut out all indulgences and guilty pleasures, especially if you can't afford them. Deprive yourself of adequate nutrition now, in order to be able to afford good nutrition later! That's just the way you have to think and prioritize for the long-term; after all, you're immortal (or at least eternal, it's your Call).
Denying yourself everything you hold dear will, of course, aid in inducing the depressive state which is necessary to invoke the spirits which dwell within, out-into the world of Māya. That is, I mean, if you insist on being a materialist like that. “Beware of Māya”, so sayeth Jáyaraj. But after all, these deprived and depraved rituals are what's necessary to live an ascetic (not to be confused with A E S T H E T I C) lifestyle. Right?
          Until you sit atop the Earth, until you sit in the Master's chair, you won't understand that all the value of the Universe is literally in your hands. You cannot fully comprehend until you reflect upon what it verily means to stand-under; to under-stand the Heavens. Just as you charge a sigil the same way you charge a purchase, your assets cannot financially appreciate until you learn to intellectually appreciate.
          But you keep forgetting; the Master's chair is your chair to begin with, just as Don Yuan subliminally and repeatedly suggested to Carlos. A good church is one that keeps the Throne open for Christ, and good synagogue is one that keeps a seat saved for Elijah. Just as a good opera saves a seat for Emperor Norton, your dwelling saves always a seat for you. Do not take it for granted.
          To understand this is to see the Sky for the first time, despite having looked up so many times before, praise Bob.

          Step Ger: Search for other things - besides your incantation soundtrack and your gematric Economicon - by which to pretend (and portend) to bind yourself to your audience. Once all is within you, you need no longer fear the ill effects of looking outside of yourself for fulfillment. All is One.
          Put clothespins all over yourself. Fingers, ears, eyes, nose, whatever dangles from ya. Put one on your tongue and try to make a lamb noise. Speak all sorts of tongues; this is the true Song of Songs.
          It is in this lamby Silence – after the Initiate has already, by oneself, initiated the sacred creative processthat the mind acquires a certain stillness; that Pallas Muse and Oracle make their apparitions, and begin to take possession of the Artist (without laying any claim to His Work).
          To put a clamp on your tongue is to bind your Flesh to your Word. Let this clamp be as your Fasces.
           Chasten, don't hasten.

          Step Drux: Be so quiet, and so still...
           Listen for a voice coming from behind your left shoulder, or look for a vision in red coming from ahead and to the left. This is not some J.F.K. assassination shit I'm talking about here; this is just standard chaos ritual, the kind any ordinary witch-daemon will tell you about.
          If you need to verify this, read your Crowley... just not before, and not after, reading yourself.
Everybody look at your hands; I need You to really hear this.

          Step Pal: Make The DealTM.
          Read a bunch of WebMD. Give yourself Munchhausen's Syndrome. Start saving your blood, and all of your humours (your precious bodily fluids). Donate the vast majority of them to Commodity Fetish Records. Remember, it's not a blood sacrifice, it's a voluntary blood donation. And anything that you can describe as “voluntary” can't be harmful! (Disclaimer: If nobody volunteers, then a volunteer will be chosen at random from the audience.)
          Keep some of your humours (and your tumours) saved somewhere, in case a couple come to your window with a dog, demanding a sacrifice. Study up for this inevitable event by reading some David Berkowitz (a/k/a Dr. Doolittle).
          To Make The Deal (hadith), get your blanket out. You know the one, Linus; that one with the royal red of the Second Coming on one side, and the white veil - the Shroud of purity and holiness - on the other. Place it onto the dog, red side up. This either crowns the dog the Red Devil, or else Christ the Blood-Covered King. It's actually impossible to know.
          That is, until eleven years later, when that couple you hosted who conceived that night, birth the Antichrist Jesús, the Invincible Invisible Muscle Car; the Susej-Jesus, that flying soothsaying sausage on a saucer from beyond the Lamb's Head Nebula. Yea, for Muscle-Car Jesus was laid upon the Cross, affixed to it with the bolts of a million sinners who bolted from Mother Church; and crucified onto the psyche of the American automobile-purchasing consumer public. This is why most car companies and dealerships are named after star systems, praise Ford (fnord).
          When all of this is over - whether you've found the serial killers or not – let people point guns at you. Don't even ask whether they're loaded, because, honestly, like you give a shit. Next, do whatever. Show up at work the next day like nothing happened.

          Step Med: Now that The DealTM has been made, construct the corresponding iconography. To be clear, this is a pre-currency-crafting sigil-building session.
          Write down whatever comes into your head. You know how there's a Book of Numbers in the Bible? Add a Book of Letters, or perhaps a Book of Names. Turn an English Bible around 180°, pretend it's in Hebrew, and try to read it. It's like the good people at Klutz Books explain; nearly every letter (not just p, q, b, and d) can be turned upside-down into another letter. I mean, you might have to un-capitalize it, but fortunately for us, Brother Marx has already explained this un-capitalizing process in full detail.
          Once the iconography is “architected” (as the Trumpeters say), and your self-constructed symbolic gematria tables (replete with onion-like layers of meaning) are complete, communicate it to whomever you feel appropriate. This will not be easy at first, but with practice, it will save your skin. And your imagination is the only limit as to how you might put that skin to good use.
But, of course, demonic possession is nine-tenths of The Law.

          Step Don: Engage in self-harm.
          Now that all the occult ritual infrastructure is in place - and you've sat down in a cardboard box facing southwest, and stood up to find yourself leaning sideways in one of those wacky-house tourist-traps somewhere in rural Wisconsin - pick out a good seventeen-minute song (it should already be part of your incantation playlist), and play “The Knife Game” along to the beat. Don't worry if you fail to stab yourself on the first play; you'll get better with Practice.
          Next, go somewhere where there's construction, and grab one of those thin white hard plastic poles that they stick into the ground. Walk around downtown, unapologetically whip yourself in the face and The Shins with it, and smoke J's. Your night will be over when you see Wayne Coyne talking to a Pakistani mystic who secretly used to be your T.A..
          This all goes to show that some experiences are universal.

          Step Ceph: Continue to self-harm.
          You know how I told you to smoke a lot of dope? And how you've been walking around toking fat doinks in front of everybody? And shouting at the mounted police “Hey, one if by land, two if by sea, motherfucker!”? Well, check this out: Put lit joints out on your forehead. Right above the bridge of your nose; between your Temples, in front of your pioneer gland. If that doesn't help decalcify things, then Nothing Will!
          You may experience a slight (that is, life-long) scarring sensation; a permanent burn Mark. But apostate Catholics have been putting joints out on their faces for Lent for millennia; there's no reason why you shouldn't do it too. After all, does it not say in The Book that the Second Coming and the End Times (not to be confused with American Babylon: End Times) is heralded by the Mark appearing on the right hand or forehead? (Revelation 13:16) And are Marks from self-harm not commonly found on the wrists?
          This is the Book of Mark incarnate; it happens to the best of us. The One who bears this Mark is the One who has True Value in his hardware; a true Profit. This Mark is the Talisman. The Power and the Will to acknowledge this Mark is the Shibboleth; that by which we are to distinguish the Parishioners from the Apparitioners.
          He who Will not recognize the Talisman is no proper bearer of The Message. In such a case, it is entirely appropriate to shoot The Messenger.

           Step Van: Go outside (if you don't already live outside), and look for Adam and Eve. They are in your neighborhood.
           Recall the Roman rule of 150; every person, real or fictional (or legendary, or mythic), is an avatar of one of 150 Eternal personalities. They manifest themselves as the some seven billion living, as well as all of the dead and their many geists. Just as He will come if you invite Him in - just as it will come if you build it - if you go looking for them, you will find them. Blessed are the Seek.
           Invite a total stranger into your home. Figure out which saint he is, make sure he isn't dead or undead, and ask him to help you pick out an interior decorating scheme. Lay down a line; not one of cocaine, but one of stockings on the floor; in a line perpendicular to Mecca. But do it without painting yourself into a corner. This will help establish boundaries.
           Let the saint drug you against your will. Let him tie or tape you down if necessary. Inform him that, in exchange for imparting the jewels of arcane wisdom, he is obligated to steal one item from you. Finally, cease contact.

           Step Fam: Next, you must allow yourself to go so gloriously insane, that your delusions begin to possess an almost nightmarish beauty. If you can manage to go insane enough, you can actually come out the other side. You have to work through the insanity to get to the chewy sane center.
          Just as there's no wrong way to eat a Reese's, there's no wrong way to drive yourself mad (yes, the same way you would drive a car). Give yourself Capgras delusion, or Fregoli delusion (really, it's taster's choice). Implant false memories in your own mind. Give yourself paranoid delusions, but also pronoid delusions. Finally, mix it all together in a cauldron with a dash of Protagonist Syndrome, to make a nice bouillabaisse of Dissociative Identity Disorder.
          How? Hang out with people who have those disorders, and believe everything they say wholeheartedly. Believe their delusions even more faithfully than they do. As long as you can “relieve the stigmata” of mental illness, and avoid diminishing its seriousness, this will allow you to better empathize with others. Don't forget: mental illnesses are communicable.
          But just as Kohan explained about “how the light gets in”, once you let someone inside of you, you don't need to try to understand them and relate to them; you already are them! Want to write a story or an incantation from the perspective of somebody else, but can't get inside their head? Boom! You're already all up in there!
           It's like Roger said: it's just a little pin-prick. Thus, the task of understanding others becomes no more difficult than trying to understand ourselves (ha!)

          But once you see yourself standing atop this whirling planet – and see yourself from above and without, as if peering-in from outside, yet, at once, from within, the Universe, and even from the vantage-point of a god - you see yourself spinning as the planet. You see your pierced twin-souls, spinning, and revolving around one-another, like two puppies cozying into bed on a cold Solstice morn; or like a binary star system, its atomic mechanizations fueling your very physical being.
          You begin to see the Great Spirit as one which pervades you, others, itself, and all; and that each of us, in the midst of our spiritual quandary (again, prayer), is but a giant space-termite, nibbling away at the desiccating tree branches which, like streaks of heated gas, connect our galaxy's Roots (shoreshim) to the Branches (zemachim) in the Heavens. Which one is the netzer, we cannot know until Olam Ha-Ba.
           So too do you see that this ancient connection may be restored, if only the ancient symbols may once again manifest in the mind of a living mortal. You shan't refuse the call, but you must know when the time is right. Remember, time is mooney.

           Step Gisg: You know that Zen retreat I mentioned earlier? Accidentally walk past it on your way up a mountain. If you get to the top by midnight, and the moon is at its absolute fullest, then you're going to meet Björk, and solve that cryptic math-rock mashup riddle that you thought was the True Name of YHVH.
           It may sound crazy but like I've explained, the firmness and fervency of your belief makes it what Terence McKenna calls “true enough”. As above, so below. I mean, if Björk figured out the name of G-d before you, what makes you think you're going to Say Anything that'll pry the Word of G-d from Moses's dead hands?

           By now, you ought to have successfully induced psychosis. If not, change your drug regimen around and try again.
           But whatever you do, by all means, over-analyze the meaning of every word spoken around you. Even the tweets of birds, whether real or recorded. Over-analyze the meaning of every sound you hear. Even if they're not directed at you, know that the dark humour of the Universe, and the entropic irony of the cosmos, dictate that, ultimately, everything you hear is about you, regardless. Your inaction or silence cannot excuse you from joining The Dance or singing The Song.
           To get swept up in The Way is like watching Dancer in the Dark. It's like Bill meant to say; all the world is a (sound)stage. Like when you're tripping, and the Walls are breathing at you? Only the Trappists know why the Walls do this; only the Trappists hear at full volume what they have to say. They are the Root of the illusory Separation.

           To study the Word is to pray. To Know Her is to Love Her. To love God is to love oneself. And, as biochemists have proven, to fall in love is to go insane. And so, to know God, you must drive yourself so hopelessly mad that magick is all you can do. It's just like Howard told us; “first, you've got to get mad”. As within, so besides
           It's like The Body said; “You can't make a Gypsy anthill omelette without breaking one of your eggs over an anthill, you can't put the egg before the horse if the chicken came before the egg, and you can't put Descartes before day-horse without giving yourself a night-mare, and invoking the Pale Horse and his fellow Horsemen. Heed the Mark, for Harvey Milk does The Body Good.
           Follow the examples set by Newton and Jung; scientists who realized that their research was no longer relevant, unless and until they were to dive into the realm of the collective subconscious, rescue the ancient symbols from Goddess Psyche, and set the gematria tables for a McKennan fish-dinner picnic on the noetic shore.
           Ain't nothin' to it but to do it. That, and to self-trigger, in order to catapult oneself into the face of God.

           Everything bad you've ever done will last forever. Everything mean you've ever said is being permanently recorded onto a giant straightened paperclip-wire in the middle of the galaxy, which is being fed on by a giant space-chicken at the Edge of the Universe.
           This bird-headed One (whom the ancients referred to as Osiris) reads every bad deed to its own duplicitous anima (St.-Peter-as-Maat), and weighs our sins against one of its own feathers. This is Judgment; this is the Reckoning (or, at least, I reckon).
           Every male you've ever met is God, every female you've ever met is Mary, and everyone else is the Holey BeJesus. Yes, every sin you've ever committed was committed against the Holy Family itself. So take care, and best of luck!

           You're losing it, I can tell. And that can only mean one thing: You are now just about ready to construct your sigil.
           Its shape should resemble that famed Sisyphian object; that incarnate single-fingered Glove of Love worn by Doubting Thomas but for Eternity Infinitesimal.
           That is; the shape of your sigil must represent the value of its currency.

           All is for nought. 1=0. Ave Chao.

           Ave Meyers.

This has been a (semi-) satirical piece.

Dictated on November 3rd, 2017
Transcribed, Edited, and Expanded on November 5th, 2017
Edited and Expanded on November 13th through 15th, 2017

Joe Kopsick Interviewed on Cahnmann's Corner (Video)

           The links below will direct you to a two-part video of myself being interviewed by Suzanne Cahnmann of Highland Park, Illinois, the host of Cahnmann's Corner political round-table, a television show which airs monthly on public access Comcast Channel 19 in northeastern Illinois. This episode of Cahnmann's Corner will air some time in January 2018.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Monday, November 13, 2017

Videos Featuring Candidate Matthew C. Scaro and Joe Kopsick

- Interview with Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Matthew C. Scaro

- Liberate Chicago Podcast (episode: "Rent is Theft?"),
       with guest Matt Scaro and host Jordan Ziolkowski (2017)

- Illinois Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Matthew C. Scaro and Joe Kopsick Livestream

All videos created and published in 2017

The links above appear in reverse chronological order;
the video on top is the most recent

Monday, October 30, 2017

20 Goals for Labortarians: Crafting a Libertarian Policy on Unions

1. Craft a free labor policy.
2. Less government, more unions.
3. End Right to Work laws.
4. Liberalize professional licensing.
5. Fix the free rider problem.
6. Free movement and integrated markets.
7. End unions' monopolies on negotiation.
8. Protect concerted activity.
9. Continue to require bargaining.
10. Ensure the right to strike.
11. Legalize illegal union activities.
12. Make full boycott possible.
13. Keep divestment legal.
14. Unionize all walks of life.
15. Establish free union elections.
16. Free-market anti-capitalism.
17. End slavery, domination, and dominion.
18. Counter the rhetoric of self-ownership.
19. Free association and non-discrimination.
20. Promote acceptance and tolerance.

          1. CRAFT A FREE LABOR POLICY: Advance a labor policy which celebrates the contributions that the organized labor movement has made to advancing human liberty - and which is in keeping with the Libertarian Party platform, strict-constructionist and originalist interpretations of the Constitution, and frameworks to ensure free and fair markets - by consistently supporting voluntary collective bargaining activities over compulsion, hierarchy, and state interference in the affairs of organized labor.

          2. LESS GOVERNMENT, MORE UNIONS: Retain the portion of the 1935 National Labor Relations Act (N.L.R.A. / Wagner Act) which promotes the practice and procedure of collective bargaining, but also promote the radical privatization of government services wherever possible and prudent, and demand that most or all necessary government activities be performed by non-state actors. Increase overall union membership in the United States.

          3. END RIGHT TO WORK LAWS: Support the freedom of unions to exercise their right to become party to contracts with enterprises, by opposing efforts to pass Right to Work laws and amendments, in all jurisdictions and at all levels of government. Call on state governors to nullify and repeal such laws, and state and federal courts to rule them unconstitutional, due to their prohibition of union-shop and closed-shop arrangements, union security agreements which are perfectly free and voluntary (although they may have some undesirable effects). Repeal the portion of the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act which prohibits closed-shop union security agreements.

          4. LIBERALIZE PROFESSIONAL LICENSING: Make Right to Work laws unnecessary, by demanding an alternative method to preventing the domination of professions within given states by the set of unionized professionals already employed within them. Demand the liberalization of professional licensing laws, in order to accommodate independent contractors and those seeking to form unions.

          5. FIX THE FREE RIDER PROBLEM: Ensure that workers everywhere are free to “not consent and refuse the benefits” of union negotiation. Leave all employees free to refuse to pay dues to unions, but only on the condition that the employee refuse all benefits of union negotiation which he can feasibly refuse (i.e., not physical workplace safety and health conditions). Consider liability waivers as a possible solution to the safety and health free-rider problems.

          6. FREE MOVEMENT & INTEGRATED MARKETS: Fight globalism and ultranationalism, while supporting globalization, integration and interconnectedness of markets, and the free movement of labor and capital (including the freedom of locomotion for travelers and workers alike). Fight to liberalize immigration laws; end immigration quotas; lower barriers to trade; decrease tariffs, duties, and imposts; and oppose efforts of established unions to lobby for legal measures that unfairly protect or favor domestic labor. Use education to combat the stigmatization of legal and undocumented immigration.

          7. END UNIONS' MONOPOLIES ON NEGOTIATION: End compulsory unionism in the private sector, and end the rights of unions to monopolize the representation of workers in negotiation with management. Repeal the section of the Wagner Act which mandates that there is to be one exclusive bargaining representative for a unit of employees. Spread awareness of, and normalize, the practices of members-only collective bargaining, and dual and minority unionism (the presence of two or more active unions in a single workplace). Increase the diversity of the types of union security agreements which are practiced in the United States.

          8. PROTECT CONCERTED ACTIVITY: Retain the Wagner Act's provisions that require the federal government to protect the right of union and non-union employees to engage in concerted activity, and retain the protection for discussing wages. Protect these rights, as well as the right to form a union, in all jurisdictions, and at all levels of government.

          9. CONTINUE TO REQUIRE BARGAINING: Retain the Wagner Act's requirement that employers must negotiate with employees, on the grounds that a fair market is not possible unless the buyer and seller of labor have equal say in determining the price at which the labor is to be sold.

          10. ENSURE THE RIGHT TO STRIKE: Abolish the National Labor Relations Board, and repeal the provision of the Taft-Hartley Act which prohibits wildcat strikes. No union should have to request permission from a government bureau in order to go on strike, nor should any segment of a workplace or work force be denied the right to strike without the approval of a union leader.

          11. LEGALIZE ILLEGAL UNION ACTIVITIES: Demand the legalization of prohibited union activities wherever they could be engaged in voluntarily. Repeal the portions of the Taft-Hartley Act which prohibit secondary strikes, secondary boycotts, secondary and mass picketing, jurisdictional strikes, and monetary donations from unions to federal political campaigns.

          12. MAKE FULL BOYCOTT POSSIBLE: Fight for the full right of workers and taxpayers to engage in full boycott of enterprises and unions with which they do not wish to associate. Allow taxpayers to withhold their taxes from governments that would spend it to enrich their favored business cronies and favored unions. Call for tax strikes, which demand either the abolition of the entire corporate welfare state, or that individual citizens be free to decide which programs they will pay for and which ones they will not.

          13. KEEP DIVESTMENT LEGAL: In addition to supporting the full rights to engage in strikes and boycotts, fight for the right to engage in divestment campaigns. Encourage enterprises to end their membership in lobbying agencies that disguise themselves as chambers of commerce, and to instead join independent business alliances that promote fair treatment for workers. Keep divestment legal, whether against enterprises, unions, or even governments.

          14. UNIONIZE ALL WALKS OF LIFE: Fight for the rights of freelancers, independent contractors, free agents, unemployed people, welfare recipients, homeless people, ex-convicts, non-violent black market laborers, tenants, open-source workers and peer-to-peer process contributors, and people of all professions. to form unions. Additionally, to demand negotiation with their employers, and to resist state control, exploitation, hierarchy, and bossism.

          15. ESTABLISH FREE UNION ELECTIONS: Ensure that union members may vote in union elections, and that non-dues-paying members and dues-paying members alike are free to abstain from voting. Advocate for the freedom of union members to hold elections featuring voter privity, with results visible and subject to review by all members of the union(s) and workplace(s) involved.

          16. FREE-MARKET ANTI-CAPITALISM: Reject the Libertarian Party's endorsement of private property as a core principle, and oppose any attempts to have the party list “capitalism” or “fiscal conservatism” among its guiding economic principles, Promote the idea that markets must be completely immune from price distortions and undue limitations and inhibitions on markets (which are caused by the state and its cronies, their hoarding, and their participation in the capitalist mode of production), in order to be both fair and truly free. Combat untrue anti-socialist and anti-communist propaganda, and ignorance about left-wing economics, through education and peaceful civil discourse. Oppose misinterpretation of the Non-Aggression Principle that excuses or ignores intimidation, exploitation, and economic pressures that coerce people and make their decisions limited and effectively involuntary. Oppose cutthroat competition, monopolistic competition, and competition to lower prices that neglects the right of workers to receive sufficient compensation for their effort.

          17. END SLAVERY, DOMINATION, & DOMINION: Oppose the extension of markets to the realms of “living capital”; i.e., human labor and work, and other living things. Empower consumers to resist the commodification of labor, man, and nature; calling for such market activities to cease. Abolish the markets for exclusively held landed property, the product of human labor, sex work under economic pressure and exploitation, toxic chemicals and poisons that kill when used properly, and perhaps the markets for human organs and endangered animal species. Support the rights of human beings, living or dead, to resist being owned, kept, domesticated, overworked, denied the right to negotiate what amounts to the full product of their labor, and required, pressured, or threatened into performing labors and actions against their will.

          18. COUNTER THE RHETORIC OF SELF-OWNERSHIP: Oppose the characterization of liberty as “self-ownership”, in order to resist the perception of the human body and its efforts as things – tangible pieces of property - which can or should be owned, which gives the impression of tangibility, suggesting that the body can or should be owned.

         19. FREE ASSOCIATION & NON-DISCRIMINATION: Oppose discrimination and segregation in the public sector, and oppose discriminatory behavior in all ostensibly private firms which receive any forms of taxpayer funded subsidies and/or services, and/or are directly involved in interstate commerce. In the social sphere, and on residential properties, support the full freedom of, to, and from association.

          20. PROMOTE ACCEPTANCE & TOLERANCE: Fight reactionaryism, religiously motivated bigotry, anti-Semitism, Judeophobia, Islamophobia, chauvinism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ageism, ableism, lookism, Social Darwinism, cultural monism and assimilationism, and predjuice against people of every race, color, and creed. Use education to combat ignorance of sociology, human needs, intersectionality theory, institutional privileges, commonly agreed upon parental responsibilities, the stigmatization of mental disorders (especially those that keep people from working), and the stigmatization of homelessness, poverty, and welfare receipt, especially in Libertarian circles.

Written on October 30th, 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Shut Yer Yap: How to Starve Yourself Rich (A Numismatic Exorcism)

             Nought is clear, lest we view it through the Lens of the penetrated stone.

            Nought is clear, but that the study of rai (also known as raay, fei, the Yap Island stone coin, and on the international currency market, YIC) is essential to all future study and understanding of numismetaphysics.
This is why some more study of rai shall be necessary before we continue to our main subject, cryptocurrency.

In his 1991 paper “The Island of Stone Money”, Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman (Uncle Milty himself) discussed the similarity between the practices of marking gold stored in Federal Reserve vaults to signify a change in ownership, and the practice of marking rai for the same purpose.
In the paper’s conclusion, Friedman writes how important myth – “unquestioned belief” –
is “in monetary matters”. He continues, “the money we have grown up with… appear[s] ‘real’ and ‘rational’ to us”, while “The money of other countries often seems to us like paper or worthless metal”, even if its purchasing power is strong.
This ought to demonstrate to any savvy investor that talk of “the gold price”, “the iron price”, etc.TM, is bull hockey in your pocket. Moreover, that the value is in the Eye of the (Arthurian) Stone. This is the maieutic source of currency’s value. So, then, if we are, indeed, destined to play a Game of Stones, we must ask ourselves whether it should, in particular, be a game of birthstones.
Do not let your Eyes be deceived; after all, The Book is made of paper (though it may have gilded edge). And the Almighty Emperor’s Commodity Fetish Records 999- Economic Unit Note be of paper.
So what, then, distinguishes The Book from gold? The Book from the Note, or the Note from gold? Gold from the Heart? Only the Beholder of the Light. Only the Truth and Truth of the One who makes the Promise to pay to the Bearer on demand. The Bearer of Light teaches that the Word is only as good as the heart it is printed on. Thus, the Word backs gold and paper alike. The Promise backs their value. This is what I saw through the flames.
But just as importantly, and to answer the Question directly, gold is alone among these in one key aspect: it cannot be burned for heat in an emergency. Aside from Friedman’s probably subconscious allusion to this phenomenon, that this fact makes gold inferior to the Book, the Note, and the Heart for use as a currency, has not yet been noted by mainstream economists. Thus, the Jungian Shadow cast by the spectre of gold has cast a scintillating Skynet to blind nearly all of the scientists of modern currency. This is to be remedied, for We know where the real gold is buried.

So, then, cryptocurrency. Currency reclaimed from the crypt. Is it a current currency, or not?

 Does the immortality inculcate (charge) a presence – a life – into the currency, or does its deadness (however imagined or falsely perceived) subvert its value as a “living document”? Only the numismancers know for sure. The answer might explain why we still have pyramids on our damn “money”. The only way to get through the Eye of the Rai, in a manner of speaking (and, also, quite literally), is by Numismancing the Stone.
We love our money like we love our own flesh and blood. After all, it’s backed by our own flesh and blood, isn’t it? Just as sure as the paper you’re printed on, just as sure as your dossier will survive you, if it backs your currency, then symbolically, it is your currency. We may say “I like money” or “I<3$” (now a publicly traded company), but how many of us would be willing to kill, or even die, for our money, and for its value?
One major determinant in the value of rai is the grandness of the story which can be told about one rai; what happened to it on its way to Yap from the distant island on which it was quarried. Aside from the size of the coin (ranging from 3 inches to 12 feet in diameter), whether those transporting it survived a storm, or whether a famous sailor brought the coin to the island, may boost its value.
Most importantly for the purposes of this discussion, rai may have high value because many people die bringing them to Yap, or (perplexingly) because nobody dies bringing them to the island.
This is why we must either kill many people, or else die (and take many others with us), in order to continue to bogusly inflate the value of our currency. Just as in the balancing act between relying on ubiquitous use and widespread acceptability vs. scarcity and uniqueness as the driver of currency’s value, it could not be clearer what we must do for our money, for our “own” flesh and blood.
That is why we must fight this currency war – and we shall fight them; on the Banks of every river, in every trench and every Bank vault – if we are to procure for our posterity a Currency of Blood. It is all for the sake of STABility. Remember, you’re worth more dead than you are alive, right? Just don’t go about trying to prove it, though. I mean (say it with me)… Just You Buy It!(R)

This leads us to our next topic: how to strike it rich without working.
For example… take me… please! I don’t do shit, I make money. Read The Tao, be The Master, make shit happen. I mean… I get paid to make money.
I know we’re told that high earnings, and a lot of money, and rewards, are the inevitable result of hard work. And that if a man does not work, neither shall he eat. But I’ve eaten without being required to work for it, and I get paid to sit around and do basically nothing at my job.
That’s why I attribute all of my success and earnings to hard work. To do so may go against everything I’ve observed, but everyone else thinks it’s true, so I don’t object, because it’s all I can do to keep from shouting from the rooftops that it should be legal to steal from me. This is the Root of the Hole in the Coin. But back to my financial advice.
Are you starving, freezing, poor, broken? No, you’re not. You only feel that way. And for you to project your feelings onto my rights is unconstitutional. It’s a violation of my rights!
‘Ey, if you’re poor, spend less money. If you don’t want to pay taxes, then just refuse to pay taxes, or else stop working. If you can’t find work, get a job. If you’re disabled, work harder! If you can’t afford good food, eat garbage! If you’ve frozen stiff in your apartment, just walk away from the apartment and the landlord! I mean, if you’re in chains, break out! Amirite!?
As I suspect Jesse Ventura (Master of Mixed Metaphors) must have pontificated at some point, “Ask for work. If you can’t find work, ask for bread. If they don’t give you bread, steal bread. If you can’t steal bread, let them eat cake. And if you can’t have your cake and eat it too, then the proof of the pudding is in the eating of the cake bread pudding.” Man can live on bread alone! But only if we learn to Leave Breadney Alone.
These are the only paths to stable, rising financial gains. …Chris Gaines.
You’re welcome.

Oi, fucker, why do you think they needed to punch holes in Jesus’s hands for the Crucifixion? Well, how else are you going to insert his employment chip? I mean, Everybody Loves Revelaymond. Furthermore, is Jesus the type to charge rent for the privilege to occupy – and use – his holes, for whatever purpose we may imagine?
This is why I say, to fuck a hole in your money is to fuck a hole in yourself (as a reminder, the hole represents built-in debt). This is what it means to be unable to worship both God and Mammon (profit).
After all, the holes in Yap Island stone coins are not for the insertion of poles as axles, but only as transportation devices. To repeat, Fred Flintstone was not driving his moneymobile around Yap, that’s not in the historical records. Again, rai are as small as 3 inches; yet for some reason the holes are retained even at that size, though their light weight makes the use of poles unnecessary for transportation.
So, then, why not fill the hole with something else, such as your hopes and dreams? Your fears? A nice ottoman or a duvet? A sword? Your balls? The Resonating Light? Why not shove a jewel in there, make it nice and pretty? Remember, there’s more than one way to “charge” your purchase. Do some sacred services and an incantation, turn it into a portal so its demons can escape. Do a thing.
As Milton Friedman suggested, and as Emperor Ryan explains, “money is a magic[k] fetish”; an object believed (unquestioned) to possess a sacred, intrinsic, imminent value, including, often, a spiritual one. Emperor Ryan continues: “bank magicians use transference to charge paper into currency”. The money is charged much in the same way in which a sigil is charged.
Hence, voodoo economists are in good company; although a small but significant faction of them are currently waging a covert currency war against their fellow voodoo economists, as well as against the bank magicians, who favor the anthill (ANT) over the “petrodollar-weapondollar coalition” (USD). For more information, read the works of Jonathan Nitzan.
What all this means is that it is our dedication to refraining from questioning the value of our money, and the validity of our government’s public debt, which gives our currency much of its value. It is our suspension of belief which exalts our money to such heights. But, be assured, dead moneys cannot reign.

What do the smallest denomination of rai stone, a cross, and the Hand of God have in common? You can string all of them onto a necklace. But nobody cries when you do it to some rai. Remember: “Don’t cry; scry!”
Thus, the Punched Hand (or wrist) is, by all indicators, the best form of currency, but also, with its fingerprints, it can easily suffice as a form of INDENTification. Fingerprinting only makes human hands a more viable currency, due to its identifiability. A fingerprint is like a serial number, printed with a communion wafer printing press onto a slab of human dough; the Bread of Life, Sacred Manna from Heaven. It’s Time to Make the Donuts.
Even without fingerprinting, the early 2000s government of Afghanistan managed to run successful elections. They did this by taking the fingers of people who had already voted, and dyeing them with ink, and making sure nobody votes who already has ink on their hands. How nice it would be if we could use this idea to ban people with blood on their hands from participating in the democratic process!
So there you have it: The Hol(e)y Human Hand – the Hand of God – is like a bagel in its completeness, its roundness. It is a perfect currency; the Hand does not even have to be transported in order to serve as a useful currency, nor does it need to be separated from the body for the same purpose, nor must it be moved (and removed) in order to denote that its ownership has changed. Remember, idle hands are the Devil’s playground.
But to see the Light through the Lens of the Eternal Bagel – and to understand the artistic concept of negative space – will teach us that without the (w)hole, we are hollow and incomplete, yet complete in our incompletion. Can we be whole without the hole? Only by holding together our Hands, and our Money (which are one and the same), may we answer these questions. After all, without holes in our hands, how are we to be bound together? How are we to be strung up?
This currency – the Hand (or even the Finger) – is the Sigil which we must charge. It is the sigil which we must read in order to fully understand (that is, stand-under) the charges.

In 1948, Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I will give you a talisman. Whenever you are in doubt, or when the self becomes too much with you, apply the following test. Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man whom you may have seen, and ask yourself, if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him. Will he gain anything by it? Will it restore him to a control over his own life and destiny? In other words, will it lead to swaraj (freedom) for the hungry and spiritually starving millions? Then you will find your doubts and your self melt away.” This is the test we must apply when choosing a currency.
To be required to work in exchange for our needs, eludes the truth; that in order to work comfortably, our needs must first be satisfied. The hole in our hands is the key; just like the Afghan election, to get what we need, all we should have to do is show our hand. Why, nearly all of us recognize the meaning – the value – of a Hand, or a Fist, held high. So, too, the Finger. It says “I AM A MAN”. …Or “Fuck you”. Same thing.
This is the Shibbolethic Talisman which was foretold in the ancient scriptures (i.e., articles 1 through 4). As I’ve explained, currency is, necessarily, a talisman, or fetish (magickal object). For a currency to additionally serve as a shibboleth is to use that currency, and to set the societal rules of the marketplace around it, in such a way as to cause its usage to create and cast a distinction between those who know the Hand not, and still worship dead money, versus those who recognize the Hand, and its meaning; its monetary and spiritual value.

I’ll take Gandhi’s advice.
Years ago in Nashville, I met a man who was selling newspapers about homelessness. He asked me for a donation, in order to, in his words, “relieve the stigmata of homelessness”. He meant to say “stigma”, but his choice of words reveals all.
The big questions in all of this are: With what will you fill such an outstretched, truly empty, punched hand? Will you be as a Doubting Thomas, and insert a pole, in order to transport and trade the unit of currency?
Most importantly: What do we have to offer one another, if all any of us has is our own outstretched empty hand?

I have no gift to bring, pa-rum-pa-pum-pum

Written and Published on October 15th, 2017