Sunday, April 20, 2014

Military-Industrial Socialism and Wilsonian Capitalism

Written on February 11th and 14th, 2011
Edited in April 2014

Military-Industrial Socialism

   The American military-industrial complex is the biggest assistance to international socialism on the planet.

   We help other countries defend themselves by deploying troops and setting up military bases. This enables them to devote funding towards the expansion of their public sectors and social welfare programs.

   Countries can only have successful large-scale national public welfare programs if they have the right combination of a relatively ethnically and culturally homogenous population, most of which have the same political position and wants and needs from their government; a industrial economy with rapid and / or sustained growth; and / or significant protection assistance from foreign nations.

   Leave countries to defend themselves. It will compel them to be more independent, securely sovereign, self-reliant, and self-sufficient; it will encourage their national pride by encouraging them to emphasize their cultural strong suits in the world market; and it will prevent them from feeling the need to dispatch lobbyists for global governance organizations and institutions to dupe the American public into believing that the economic well-being of the country needs to be tethered to sinking European financial ships in the name of propping up the increasingly globally-integrated international economy.

Wilsonian Capitalism

   You know how Ron Paul says we should have no entangling alliances with other countries, but we should maintain open friendships and trade with them? And you know how Woodrow Wilson and George W. Bush wanted to invade other countries in order to "keep the world safe for democracy"?

   I think we should make a list of all the governments which are both oppressing their people and hoarding wealth from them. Then, rather than bomb or sanction them, we should allow and encourage American businessmen to trade directly with the people and businesses which are being oppressed and withheld from by their governments.

   That way, those governments will try to institute protectionism, corporatism, and state socialism to try to keep individuals from maintaining economic liberty and security, causing resentment to grow in the minds of the people.

   That way, entrepreneurial, libertarian, counter-economicist, agorist, and market-anarchist sentiments will grow among the people, and they will desire to secede from their governments economically. Once they eventually succeed, there will be capitalism and minimal governance.

At this point, communal governments will begin to exercise control, giving rise to what could eventually develop into a genuine participatory democracy, which would counter and balance capitalism.

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