Sunday, April 20, 2014

Initial Reaction to Scott Walker's Public Sector Union Reform Proposals #2: Two Weeks In

Written on February 28th, 2011

   I think it's a valid point that public-sector unions have more leverage than private-sector unions because government is more likely to have a monopoly in the provision of services than in the market.

   Getting rid of collective bargaining rights for certain types of jobs is one way to address this problem.

   Another solution, and I think, a more libertarian solution, would be to undermine the government monopolies in the provision of such services.

   The only way to solve Wisconsin's union problem without destroying the unions themselves (keeping in mind that UW faculty and state health workers would lose their collective bargaining rights) is to encourage competition in the provision of those services which are typically provided by government.

   Make it easier for children to attend private schools, use private security agents as prison guards, repeal laws making it illegal for anyone to remove trash or recycling from people's homes except government employees.

   In other words, use the free market to solve the problem. I think getting rid of certain professions' collective bargaining rights is anti-libertarian, whereas continuing to allow them to retain such rights would be libertarian.

   If you've decided that competition is the best solution to all problems, you can't give Republicans a monopoly over political economy, you have to level the playing field for all parties involved, and may the best ideology win.

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