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On Immigration

Written on September 6th, 2011


   If elected, I would oppose the Real ID Act, and the declaration of English as the national language.

Birthright Citizenship

   Persons born in states are subject to their jurisdiction, and - as such - are automatically eligible to become citizens of their state.

   I oppose the 14th amendment because neither the states nor the federal government have the authority to compel people to become citizens, nor to submit to their statutes.

   Illegal immigrants should only be prosecuted for committing crimes if those crimes are against persons and their property, and only if such victims press charges against them (as per corpus delicti).

Welfare for Illegal Immigrants

   I understand the perceived need for the federal DREAM Act (due to the international jurisdiction which would would appear to apply).

   However, I oppose Obama's use of an executive order to make it law.

   I would prefer that either welfare to illegal immigrants be granted on a state-by-state basis, or that private citizens institute independent enterprises in order to provide such benefits to illegals.

Immigration as Part of Other Social Issues

   I would vote to abolish the federal minimum wage and to support the 2nd amendment.

   I would also vote to end the federal war on drugs, and cease to send federal money to the law enforcement agencies of Mexico and of Central America for the purposes of supporting our war on drugs.

   I believe that this would make the assessment of the credibility of threats (in terms of "taking American jobs" and issues pertaining to the hiring of illegal immigrants, border violence, and the trafficking of prohibited drugs) which may be posed by illegal immigrants less likely to be clouded by such issues.

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