Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Partial List of Candidates Running for President in 2020

(?) = expressed interest, and/or formed an exploratory committee, but has not yet formally declares

Republican Party

1. Trump, Donald J. (incumbent)
2. Weld, William R. ("Bill")

Democratic Party

1. Abrams, Stacey (?)
2. Arth, Michael E.
3. Biden, Joseph R., Jr. ("Joe") (?)
4. Booker, Cory
5. Braun, Harry
6. Buttigieg, Pete
7. Castro, Julian
8. Delaney, John
9. Gabbard, Tulsi
10. Gillibrand, Kristen
11. Gravel, Michael ("Mike")
12. Harris, Kamala
13. Hickenlooper, John
14. Inslee, Jay
15. Klobuchar, Amy
16. Messam, Wayne
17. Nwadike, Ken, Jr.
18. o'Rourke, Robert Francis ("Beto")
19. Ryan, Tim
20. Sanders, Bernard ("Bernie")
21. Swalwell, Eric
22. Warren, Elizabeth
23. Wells, Robby
24. Williamson, Marianne
25. Yang, Andrew

Libertarian Party

1. Behrman, Daniel ("Dan")
2. Berry, Joey
3. Campbell, Joseph Charles
4. Dryke, Benjamin T. (?)
5. Faucett, Peyton
6. Hale, Dakota
7. Horst, Heather
8. Hurst, William Joseph
9. Kokesh, Adam
10. Ince, Cecil Anthony Southwest
11. Leder, Benjamin G.
12. Lee, Seymour Art
13. Maldonado, Joseph Allen
14. Marks, Christopher
15. McAfee, John
16. Peach, Jason Daniel
17. Richey, Steven Allen
18. Robb, Samuel Joseph
19. Ruff, Kimberly Margaret ("Kim")
20. Seder, Sam (?)
21. Sibillo, Jason Michael
22. Sportsinterviews, Leomard
23. Supreme, Vermin
24. Vohra, Arvin
25. Weaver, Christopher Francis
26. Whipple, Krista Marie
27. Wilkerson, Terry

Green Party

1. Hawkins, Howie
2. Hunter, Dario

American Solidarity Party

1. Carroll, Brian T.
2. Perkins, Joshua
3. Schriner, Joe

Independent Candidates

Kroell, Ronnie

Click on the following links to see more candidates for the 2020 presidential election,
including the full list of nearly 700 people who have formally filed to run for president:


Originally Published on April 16th, 2019
Expanded on April 18th, 2019

Friday, April 12, 2019

Regarding the Surviving Royal Families of Europe

     The Soviet Union and Germany didn't achieve socialism. But fortunately, what they did achieve was throw off their country's royal families:
     - The USSR in 1917-1918,

     - Germany in 1918 when social democrat Friedrich Ebert took over after Wilhelm II died,
     - (and also Greece in 1973).

     I wrote "families", but they were the SAME family (in both the previous three countries named, and the next six countries named).
     Did you know that six countries - the U.K./Wales/Scotland (Edinburgh), Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, and Norway - all still have royal families (however limited they may be)?
     Did you know that the last German King, Kaiser Wilhelm II, was the son of both a German King, and also Queen Victoria of England? And that the Russian and English royal families, as well as the Spanish and Dutch royal families, have been intertwined at times?
     Have you ever heard of King Christian IX of Denmark (1818-1906), of the House of Glucksburg (Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg)?
     His children included kings, queens, princes, and princesses of ten countries, six of which still have the same royal family running them.

     All of those countries, in some way, attempted to appease Hitler. Many in attempts to preserve their monarchies (and "constitutionally limited" monarchies). The King of Belgium even gave troops orders to stand down as the Nazis swept through his country.
     Limiting the monarchy is one thing, but abolishing it is another. One monarchy governing six or ten countries is not sovereignty, and it is certainly not populism, nor democracy, nor liberty. Conservative monarchism is fascism; it is the Divine Right of Kings. And it will not hesitate to feed populaces to fascists.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Images Pertaining to the Joe Biden Groping Scandal and Pizzagate

Joe Biden Groping Women and Girls,
Touching Men, Kissing Boys, etc.

(The image of Joe Biden with a gun in an elderly woman's mouth
is actually fake, it's Photoshopped; but the others are real)

Author's Notes:

     1. Claims that Biden told 13-year-old Maggie Coons that he was "horny" to be standing near her, are false. He actually said "honored".

     2. There exists an image of Biden with his hand on Stephanie Carter's breast, but it is a Photoshop.

     3. There is an image of Biden shaking hands, which is alleged to be the original image, on which a Photoshop of Biden with his hand on a baby's crotch was supposedly based. But the image of Biden with his hand on the baby's crotch is real, and it is the handshake image which was cropped out of the crotch-grabbing photo (which was the original, real image).

Images Pertaining to Marina Abramovic and John Podesta

Images Pertaining to James Alefantis, John and Tony Podesta, and Pizzagate

Guides to Pedophile Symbolism and Code Phrases

None of the images above were created by the author of this blog

Images collected between November 2016 and April 2019

Posted on April 3rd, 2019

Image Added on April 16th, 2019

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 and other related scandals and sex scandals,
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