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General Philosophy on Government and the Economy

Written on April 27th, 2011

   How are Wall Street and the labor unions to blame for the bankruptcy of this country? It’s the federal government and the Federal Reserve which are to blame. It’s not the unions’ and big businesses’ fault that legal monopoly and being able to print money out of thin air makes bailouts and special-interest legislation so tempting.

   Labor unions sold out when, in the early 20th century, they stopped being based on anarchy, and began to attempt to legally codify the labor-market benefits and “rights” which they had already achieved de-facto.

   Big businesses sold out when they abandoned deregulation and laissez-faire according to the will of the consumer base in favor of government-sponsored self-regulation, toxic asset relief, and industrial nationalization.

   We need to prevent monopolies from forming, instead of using bailout money to encourage them to do so, and build the industrial and entrepreneurial bases of this country back up. That way, we can expand the realm of economic freedom, and make competition free and fair enough to lower prices and increase consumer choice.

   We need to get the government out of the business of guaranteeing labor-market rights, and instead foment labor solidarity by using direct-action and volunteer tactics to bring about independent consumer advocacy, consumer interest, and consumer rights mechanisms. That way, people who care about getting paid a decent wage, receiving sufficient benefits, and encouraging their neighbors to spend more wisely can do so, without relying on governments and big labor to make their decisions for them and sell our careers out from underneath us.

   The private and public sectors need to reclaim their rightful property from governments. The market realm and the labor realm exist independently of governments. It’s not always easy to spot, though.

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