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On China, Global Warming, and Population

Written November 18th, 2010

Most of the Republicans are completely out of touch with the mainstream of the reasonable American populace. I'll admit that I agree with them that there is not a scientific consensus on global warming, but going so far as to pull out the Bible to prove that God won't flood the world again? This is not science.

Whether mankind is affecting global carbon dioxide levels does not matter; arguing this point is a waste of time. It is politics and not governance; it distracts from doing what needs to be done. Who cares whether we sign the Kyoto Protocol? We can accomplish the same things without relinquishing any degree of our sovereignty. Why should we spend our time lobbying the government to impress the international community? What really matters is that we utilize government to compel those who pollute to compensate the people whose property they damage. Enforce contracts, keep people from hurting one another. That's the whole purpose of the government, nothing less, nothing more.

People who lead the Western lifestyle consume five times as much as the average human being. An American woman who does everything she can to reduce her carbon footprint still increases her impact on the environment nearly forty-fold simply by giving birth twice. Conservative Christian Republicans. Be fruitful and multiply my ass!

And these are the people who are bitching the most about how Communist China is going to own us within decades, some even going so far as to say we should cut off all trade with them. China, with its 1.3 billion citizens, passed the one-child-only policy. Highly populated countries like China are not the ones who need to reduce their populations the most.

Western civilizations like the United States and the European Union need to reduce their populations. The 300 million Americans consume about as much as the 1.3 billion Chinese.

Sure, a rapidly-industrializing nation like China, with its low environmental and consumer-safety standards, and its lack of concern for human, labor, and political rights, needs to be dealt with firmly, but what, are we going to impose sanctions on a fifth of the world's population, let them think we want to drag them into World War III just because of a few human rights violations?

Hell no! We're going to continue to borrow two-thirds of a trillion dollars from them every year until we can get our own population and industry under control, and transform ourselves into the economic and social good example for the rest of the world that we once were!

Mitt Romney has bigamists in his ancestry, and the Republican leadership is worried about losing jobs and industry to China. Give me a break.

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