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The Piscean Ethic in Government: Ecology and Technology

Written November 10th, 2010
Edited in April 2014
as a note about running for the U.S. House in 2012

    I was born on February 24th, 1987. This makes me a Pisces, only several days away from the Pisces - Aquarius cusp. The year I will be running for Congress (2012) is recognized by many as the year of transition from the current Age of Pisces to the coming Age of Aquarius. I feel that my run would be symbolic of this transition. Due to the procession of the equinoxes, the 2,153-year era associated with Pisces precedes the one that is associated with Aquarius, so now seems like my time to shine

   I plan to embody what I term the "Piscean ethic" in my politics. That is, my ideas will go many directions at once, as do the two fishes. I am as tolerant of extremely libertarian views as I am of extremely progressivistic views (remember that Adam Smith, often revered as the founder of capitalism, favored what could be interpreted as progressive taxation). Both the libertarian and progressive movements are essentially populistic in nature. I recognize the truth latent in the opinion of every person because I recognize that everyone is correct for their own purposes.

   Just as I believe in Ron Paul's call to obey the Constitution, so too do I lend equal credit to 18th-century anarchist Lysander Spooner's claim that the Constitution should to an extent be disregarded because it only applied to willing civic participants in the Revolutionary government during the generation in which it was drafted
   And just as I believe that the administrative districts in this country should be redrawn to consider watersheds and natural physical boundaries, so too do I also support re-envisioning the way we see government as transcending geographical boundaries, in the tradition of Frederic Bastiat's Panarchism as well as in Otto Bauer's National Personal Autonomistic Socialism (

   I believe that building a coalition of the best minds among the congressional independents, Tea Partiers, the two libertarian committees, Main Street Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, Progressive Democrats, and Populist Democrats in the House of Representatives is essential to opposing the oligarchy- and bureaucracy-mired policies resulting from the collusion of the Clinton-Obama New Democrats with the majority of the Republican Study Committee associated with Bush and McCain.(

   As the beginning of the Age of Pisces brought the Judean rebellion against Rome and its conquest of the Mediterranean Sea, the end of the Age of Pisces also represents the end of dominion by the Roman Empire over the seas; that is, the end of imperialism as we know it. The United States' imperialistic tendencies are a legacy of Ancient Rome and its proxy, the British Empire. The U.S. is stretching its military, its sphere of influence, and its scope too far and too thin. We cannot survive with a robust economy when we have 700 overseas military bases and at least one soldier in four out of every five countries. Fortunately for us, the Age of Aquarius is also recognized as a harbinger of environmental sustainability and consciousness expansion as well as innovation. We must move forward with technological innovation that is environmentally sustainable.

   As your congressman, I promise to do everything I can to help the United States succeed in pursuing reforms in agribusiness and science education, among other things, that promote a wave of innovation that allows our country to become self-sufficient, stay the premier national purveyor of freedom of enterprise in the world, foment a new era of personal responsibility, and allow the market to create environmentally sustainable industry and jobs, both now and for generations to come.

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