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Notes on Jared Lee Loughner and Gabrielle Giffords

Written on January 14th, 2011

   Political Motivation

   Alex Jones characterizes Loughner as a leftist-leaning nihilist with some libertarian / conservative tendencies. Columnist Michael Savage recently called Loughner's parents "leftists". Loughner's classmates described him as very liberal. A former roommate described him as "apolitical" and "neither left nor right".

   Evidence supporting Loughner's leftism includes his favor of the Communist Manifesto. Evidence supporting his rightism includes his anti-government views, praise of the Constitution, bimetallism (support of gold and silver currency), and his having played recordings of Hitler's "Mein Kampf" in order to annoy his mother, who may be Jewish. According to the American Free Press, Loughner considered "Mein Kampf" offensive.

   Evidence which could be taken either way includes his 9/11-truth beliefs, his favor of the internet movie Zeitgeist, his skepticism of space exploration missions, and his vague proposition for a new currency.


   A shrine made out of a fake human skull with orange peels, found in Loughner's backyard, was recently taken down by his father. Alex Jones considers Loughner a voodoo / Satanism practitioner.

   Loughner's mother's ethnic Jewish roots have recently come under question amidst claims that she and congresswoman Giffords attended the same synagogue. According to the American Free Press, the synagogue claim is an unsourced false rumor.

   Giffords served on the Arizona regional board of the Anti-Defamation League. Its president, Abe Foxman, was recently in the news for condemning Sarah Palin's use of the phrase "blood libel" in describing the way her opponents laid blame on her for espousing the violent rhetoric which was alleged to have caused the tragedy.

   Mental State and Drug Use

   Loughner's marijuana use was well-known. Reports have come out saying that Loughner smoked salvia divinorum almost daily, and another report said that one of his ex-girlfriends broke up with him due to concerns about his use of magic mushrooms as well as his temper.

   Salvia divinorum is a psychomimetic, meaning that it mimics the effects of psychotropic drugs, giving the user a falsely induced psychotic episode. It appears likely that these hallucinogenic drugs merely accentuated schizophrenia that already existed in Loughner's mind, rather than serving to create any mental disorder.

   Loughner was rejected from the U.S. military, either or both because he revealed that he smoked pot, and / or because of his history of mental health problems.

   MK-ULTRA Mind Control

   Alex Jones maintains that Loughner may be an MK-ULTRA mind-controlled assassin, which he justifies by the facts that Loughner was obsessed with mind control (a fact substantiated by classmates who spoke with him, and by evidence contained in a YouTube video he made, in which he discussed controlling people's minds - Jones believes that assassins obsessed with controlling people's minds are often under mind control themselves), and also because the lawyer Loughner has hired once represented Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski, whom Jones claims was also an MK-ULTRA LSD-brainwashed operative.

   DailyKOS Pelosi Article

   Authorship of the following article was mistakenly attributed to Loughner himself:

   This led to false claims that Loughner was married, divorced, and gay; that he tried to shoot himself in the head; and that he had worked on one of Giffords's campaigns.


   Alex Jones also believes that Loughner may have been romantically obsessed with Giffords. Loughner's videos show evidence of an obsession with grammar, and with building a better world through better grammar and increased literacy. Loughner once asked Giffords in person, "What is the purpose of government if words have no meaning?" Evidently, her answer or lack thereof upset him. A standard letter from her staff thanking him for the letter was found in a safe in Loughner's home.

   Loughner's Pima Community College classmates reportedly complained about his erratic behavior in the classroom, which included outbursts, menacingly listening to his MP3 player during classes, and making tasteless combination-abortion-and-suicide-bombing jokes following the emotional reading of a poem about abortion by a female classmate.

   Some reports indicate that Loughner had made death threats to undisclosed persons in the past

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