Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Links to All of My Articles and Videos About Russiagate, Pizzagate, and Ukraine-Gate

1. My November 2017 article "The Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory":

2. My March 2019 video "Second Pizzagate Scandal Broke the Same Day as Weinergate: How Trump Knew About Pizzagate in 2011":

3. My March 2019 video "Ukraine-Gate: Exposing Manafort's, Podestas', Bidens', Kerrys' Ties to Ukraine":

4. My April 2019 video "MSNBC Pundits and 'The View' Co-Hosts Flock to Defend Joe Biden":

5. My April 2019 post "Images Pertaining to the Joe Biden Groping Scandal and Pizzagate":

6. My May 2019 YouTube video "The Joe, Joe, and Ethan Show: The 2020 Race for President":

7. My May 2019 YouTube video "Joe Biden & Maggie Coons: Creepy, But Not a Smoking Gun":

8. My May 2019 article "Russiagate and Pizzagate Are Complex Because They're Really 50 Different Sub-Theories":

9 & 10. My August 2019 YouTube videos "Jeffrey Epstein (Part 1): Ted Gunderson, Joe Biden, & Allegations Against Epstein":
and "Jeffrey Epstein (Part 2): Maxwells, Israel, Epstein's Death, Acosta & Trump, More":

Also watch this video, which contains audio allegedly of former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta raping a child (I did not create this video):

Published on March 26th, 2019

Image Created on March 25th, 2019,
and Replaced on March 26th and 27th, 2019

Expanded on April 3rd, May 30th and 31st, and August 19th, 2019

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