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September 11th, 2001

Written in January 2012
Originally published 1-18-2012

I believe that the events of September 11th, 2001 were a false-flag operation orchestrated against the 3,000 victims in specific and the American people in general by the executive branch of the United States (i.e., the Bush Administration), as well as its intelligence agencies (N.S.A., C.I.A., F.B.I.), and the intelligence agencies of the State of Israel (M.O.S.S.A.D., especially Sayeret Matkal), the United Kingdom (MI-6), and Saudi Arabia.

I believe that the purpose of these events was to cover up a theft of $2.3 trillion from taxpayers by the Pentagon; keep inflation under control; generate American sympathy for Israel; and excuse federal government incursions into civil liberties in order to repress criticism of the government in the wake of our invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, nations in which our armed forces and intelligence agencies had been deeply involved for the previous two decades.

To understand that the Israelis participated in the planning and execution of 9/11, that the Bush Administration was not initially truthful about the events of that day, and that Osama bin Laden was not involved, one need only examine the fact that bin Laden (although he praised the attacks) three times denied involvement, and do quick internet searches of "Flight 93" with "Rumsfeld" and / or "Cheney", and "9/11" in conjunction with any combination of the terms "Binyamin Netanyahu", "Larry Silverstein", "Daniel M. Lewin", and "Urban Moving Systems".

Given the 9/11 Commission's total omission of information relevant to the collapse of WTC 7 and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta's testimony regarding Cheney's actions on the day of the attacks - as well as the fact that Cheney and President Bush were permitted to testify to the commission behind closed doors and not under oath - I believe that the commission was a whitewash. I would vote to support a new and independent investigation, which I believe would be well worth any price in the neighborhood of the $15 million cost of the original investigation.

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