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On Zionism and the State of Israel

Written in December 2010 and January 2011
Originally published 1-5-2011

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta
("Guardians of the City [Jerusalem]"),
who has appeared on FOX condemning the State of Israel

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the founder and head of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, and Rabbi Chaim Richman, head of the Temple Institute's International Department, as well as Clyde Lott, a Christian Pentecostal preacher and cattle breeder in Nebraska, formerly of Mississippi, have attempted, and may still be attempting, to breed red heifers and send them to Israel, as part of a course of planning which, as they readily and repeatedly admit to the press, will, according to what they believe the tenets of both of their religions assert, hasten the arrival of the Moshiach (Messiah; anointed one) and bring about the seven-year Tribulation of Jacob, the biblical end-times of the Apocalypse described in the New Testament Book of Revelation.

Israel - a rogue, terrorist unicameral democracy in the Middle East - was established through miniature genocides and mass deportations of the indigenous inhabitants in 1947-1948. This was very much similar to the way the United States of America was founded, although without the loathsome burden of anything resembling a Constitution. The document which founded the State of Israel, the Israeli Declaration of Independence, appears to be a cross between a Declaration of Independence and a pseudo-constitutional judicio-executive order. The vote on whether to declare independence in a formal sense was decided by a close vote that was within the margin of members whom were supposed to vote but were absent.

Binyamin Netanyahu, past and present Prime Minister of the rogue state, has expressed support for the Temple Institute's goals, which primarily entail the reconstruction and restoration of the Third Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (likely necessitating the demolition of the Al-Aqsa Mosque which occupies the area, previous restorations of which having been financed by Osama bin Laden’s father), as well as the ritualistic sacrifice of a single red heifer born in Israel (as many as hundreds have already been bred and delivered to Israel, since as early as the early 1990’s).

The ashes of the red heifer are to be used to purify those who have come in contact with corpses. This act of purification, the revival and existence of the Third Temple in general, and the completion of the occupation of Jerusalem by the State of Israel, would allow Jews to end the exile imposed upon them over eighteen centuries ago and permit them to once again communicate with God and to speak verbal prayers in the holy places, such as the Temple Mount, where currently, only Muslims are permitted to pray, and Jews who appear inclined to speak verbal prayer are ushered out. Some Jews in Israel today desire that the Temple Mount become a place that allows multifaith prayer. The idea that this issue is about religious freedom is misleading, and deliberately so. Although the Old Testament says, "My house shall be a house of prayer for all people," this is not something that can or should be brought about through a decree of humanly law, no matter how free or democratic; the Messiah has to do it Himself.

The rabbis of the institute also wish to revive the Sanhedrin (assembly, or council, but also the name of a Talmudic tractate on criminal law). The Sanhedrin assembly is a supreme court of rabbinic law comprised of 71 rabbis, with a "chief justice" called nasi / nassi, or prince; and a chancellor in the next highest position. The Sanhedrin would supercede the Knesset (Israel’s 120-seat national parliament), and a rabbi would gain his position by proving a higher level of rabbinic authority than a member already seated. The current developing Sanhedrin would have as its nasi Rabbi Re'em Ha-Cohen, who once voluntarily chose to join and serve in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), even though biblical study is the only thing which exempts Israelis from mandated military service. The Israeli government already has a legal (i.e., non-rabbinical) Supreme Court which exercises national appellate jurisdiction.

A 2006 attempt to revive the Sanhedrin would have had as its nasi the now-deceased Grand Rebbe Moshe Teitelbaum of eastern Hungary, an opponent of Zionism, who was, until his death, the leader of the Satmar Orthodox Jewish community. Two of his sons, Rabbis Aaron and Zalman, head several rival congregations in the New York City metropolitan area. These facts beg the question: Did the world miss out on an opportunity to host an Israel which would have existed in peace with Muslims, and indeed one which would have existed under religious but not political law, for certain?

So why the split in the Jewish community on modern Zionism? There is disagreement regarding whether observant Jews are permitted to participate in the politics or government of their host countries, due to the fact that it is thought by some that it Jews are commanded by God to live as patriots in their host countries. Also, there is disagreement regarding whether the establishment of the state truly took place through divine intervention as required by rabbinic law (some believe that the mere opportunity for Jews to create the State and the Temple qualifies as encouragement by God to do so). It is even debated whether it is to be perceived that those Jews who bring about the restoration of the Temple become themselves the Moshiach in doing so.

Israel's birth was assisted by Nazi Germany, ex-Bolsheviks (Communists), the United Nations, the Bank of England, the Catholic Church, and former members of the professional assassination team Murder Inc., also known as Kosher Nostra (whose resume includes building Las Vegas, helping Israel attain nuclear weapons, and assassinating John F. Kennedy and his "murderer" (patsy) Lee Harvey Oswald). Kosher Nostra is a pun on the phrase “Cosa Nostra” (“this thing of ours”). It is the Jewish arm of the American Mafia, which is tied to the Five Families of the Italian-American Mafia of New York. Notable Jewish gangsters involved with Murder Inc. include Meyer Lansky and Mickey Cohen. Their ties to American politics and the birth of Israel is of greater consequence than I would care to mention within such a brief space.

The most influential agent of the American pro-Israel lobby is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which has been exposed as a spy outfit for Israel. Israel is the American ally which spies on the U.S. more than any other ally. Despite this fact, Israel has been awarded exclusive surveillance equipment contracts for the U.S. government. Instrumental in this deal was Representative Robert Ney of Ohio, who was responsible for the "Freedom Fries" change in the congressional lunchroom following September 11th.

Adolf Hitler, although he claimed to detest Jewish communism, socialism, and democracy as well as Jewish industrial finance-capitalism, was possibly an illegitimate descendant of a member of the infamous Rothschild banking family of Europe, whose Khazar (southern Russian) ancestors were 8th-century converts to Judaism and not truly Jewish by ethnicity. Contrarily, they were of Turkic descent. Few are willing to acknowledge either Nazi Germany's approval of Jewish emigration to Palestine in order to create a Jewish homeland under British control there, nor its support for a Jewish homeland in Madagascar, which was but one of Zionism's many bizarre, inexplicable potential hosts across the globe (among them a part of Kenya that was formerly Ugandan territory, Argentina, Japan, China, eastern Siberia, Alaska, and the Sinai peninsula).

Zionism has been an active political force in Russia and the former soviet (meaning “council”) socialist republics for over a century. In the late 19th century, it had not yet been decided whether the Jewish homeland would be a traditional state, nor had it been decided where it would be located. Josef Stalin supported Zionism while resenting Orthodox Judaism, and the grandfather of Leon Trotsky (who himself did not consider Zionism a solution to the Jewish question) discouraged his family from associating with anti-Zionist Orthodox rabbis, and instead encouraged them to pray for the Czar. The so-called "Russian" Revolution was disproportionately non-Russian by ethnicity, but rather predominantly Ashkenazic Jewish, especially following the purges. There is also crypto-numerological-based forensic evidence that the assassinations of the Czar and his family during the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 took place as Kabbalistic mystical ritual murders.

The Republican Party is largely controlled by right-wing Christian Zionists pushing industrial- and finance-capitalistic and protectionistic economic agendae, and the Democratic Party is largely controlled by leftist, largely secular, communitarian, pro-corporate, ex-Marxist yuppies. The Democratic Party, in fact, receives more votes (by a 2-to-1 margin) and funding (by a 3-to-2 margin) from American Jews than does the Republican Party. Jews are now more than 1400% overrepresented on the U.S. Supreme Court (with Elena Kagan's confirmation, Protestants became absent from the court, causing Catholics to comprise the remaining two-thirds), nearly 500% overrepresented in the Senate, and more than 350% overrepresented in the House of Representatives (as of the 111th Congress [2009-2010]).

Republican Mark Kirk and Democrat Rahm Emanuel, recent U.S. Representatives from neighboring districts near Chicago, both have been shown to have strong political and financial ties to the Jewish and pro-Israel communities. Also, both Rahm Emanuel (the son of Benjamin Emanuel, one of the original late-1940's paramilitary troops belonging to Haganah, which eventually evolved into the Likud Party of Israel), who most recently served as Obama's Chief of Staff and is currently seeking the office of the Mayor of Chicago, Illinois, and Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, have been alleged to have enlisted in the Israeli military and / or to have dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship. Even the Clintons are not immune from this influence; Hillary Clinton received significant campaign contributions from Larry Silverstein, the lease-owner and proprietor of the World Trade Center, and a close personal friend of Binyamin Netanyahu and several other recent prime ministers of Israel.

President Barack Obama and his yuppie ilk have such a nostalgic fondness of their youthful flirtation with Marxism that they are willing to playfully jest that they love labor unions and income redistribution, only to vote to bail out the least deserving and most bureaucratic unions, and then give in to the demands of the large corporations whose campaign contributions put them into power in the end. And yet this is what the talking heads call "socialism." Little could be farther from the truth.

In socialism, the State, the union workers, and the populace get to make collective decisions regarding the fate of the economy and the corporations, which would be owned by them. Take a look around; the unions and the populace are clearly not in charge, and I even doubt whether the state is in total control either. If this were truly socialism, the populace would hold enough sway over the allocation of profits made by the state and by private companies in such a way that the gains made by industry and government would serve to uplift the lower and middle classes rather than to cause the lower and upper classes to defect to the middle class.

Name a charismatic political leader of the last hundred and fifty years who courted the influence of large labor unions only to give in to the demands of large multinational corporations and financiers in the end.... Who did you say? Barack Obama? Adolf Hitler? Benito Mussolini? Franklin D. Roosevelt? Someone else? The camp of Democrats to which Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and the Clintons belong is called the New Democratic Coalition. New Democrats, most Republicans, and Hitler, in fact, were all influenced by the philosophy of John Maynard Keynes, the gay British WWII economist. Keynesianism advocates that deficit spending is sometimes necessary and appropriate to balance the budget.

The current administration is not a socialistic one; it espouses a watered-down version of national socialism which does not overtly suspend the constitution or ban all other political parties, but prefers rather a representative-democratic fascism which combines the most authoritarian-socialist elements of democracy (communitarianism and corporativism [a monolithic, excessively-bureaucratic structuring of both public and private spheres of society conglomerated into one under the state in order to support the wielding of authority by the elite]) with the most authoritarian-capitalist elements of republicanism (protectionism [corporate bailouts] and finance-capitalism).

The goal of Zionist socialism, communism, and representative democracy is to encourage citizens to trust and worship the State and its founders and leading figures (keep in mind that it is thought by some that those who bring about events leading to the reconstruction of the Temple become the Messiah in doing so). The will of the majority of the people cannot be trusted because it condemns the unique and exceptional among us to the mediocrity and banality of what is equal, i.e., average, and much of individuality, specialization, ingenuity, and innovation are lost. What is popular is not always right, and so on. It happened in Russia and it can, and debateably has, happened here.

The goal of Zionist capitalism, fascism, and federalist republicanism is to wrest financial and economic freedom from the people to the protectionist State or states, and / or to the wealthy heads of industry. Governmental entities and the wealthy cannot be trusted to make all the financial decisions in a society because they largely consist of those with enough business experience to know the market well enough to make off with most or all of the profit and real wealth in currency, while tethering the public sector and the financial well-being of the middle and lower classes to a sinking financial ship. It happened in Germany and it certainly has happened here.

Speaking of sinking ships, the Israeli military killed nearly 30 U.S. military personnel aboard the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, and tried to blame the attack on Syria in hopes of drawing the U.S. into supporting their imperialistic conquest of the Sinai peninsula and the Suez Canal during the Six-Day War, which Israelis claim was done in self-defense. Today, the U.S. and Israel are trying to provoke one another into attacking Iran (a country rarely acknowledged for the degree of autonomy and freedom it affords to Jews), with former New York City Mayor and 9/11-Tourette's victim Rudy Giuliani and Holocaust survivor / dogmatist Elie Weisel leading the charge.

In summation, the pre-WWI establishment of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank; the Bolshevik Revolutions; Hitler's rise to power; the revolution of Israeli independence (obviously); the assassination of John F. Kennedy; the ongoing Persian Gulf War of the last two decades; and the events of September 11th, 2001; all have at their core Zionist conspirators. Whatever party or economic designation they profess to belong to, this is all part of a conscious and admitted plan to hastily bring about the arrival of first the Antichrist and then the Messiah, all the while draining money, energy, and other resources from all the people of the world, through taxation by the national and supranational banking systems, through political contributions to both major U.S. parties, and through donations to ostensibly charitable organizations, and into Israel, its government / public sector, its industries, and its citizens.

Listen to what your elected officials are saying about Israel. Vowing to consistently assert Israel's right to defend itself, as people such as President Barack Obama, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, and countless others have done, is merely coded language for supporting that country's aggressive military and foreign policy, as well as their typically disproportionately-violent responses to Muslim riots and suicide attacks. The pro-Israel lobby manages to extract $3 billion for Israel from the U.S. per year - about half of which being military expenditures - not to mention the unknown number of billions of dollars that are contributed by those extremely wealthy Zionist financiers and businessmen in the U.S..

The suffering of Palestinians in Israeli-occupied territories and the ostracism of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews must be brought to an end. The good people of the world should come together to pray that Israel end its military draft, outlaw pro-Zionist Sanhedrin(s), either disband the Knesset (its parliament) or allow an anti-Zionist Sanhedrin to either supersede it or to take its place, and allow its state apparati to wither away so that the people and industries of Israel may be free to pursue wealth and request non-military aid under democratic Palestinian rule, in which they would have communal autonomy to practice Judaism in exile as equal Palestinian citizens, which so many Jews and Muslims alike believe is what God has commanded.

Those who cry anti-Semitism while they themselves persecute and hate both Arabs and the ethnic Jews of the Levant (whom are all members of the Semitic race), the American pro-Israel lobby, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, M.O.S.S.A.D. (the Israeli equivalent of the C.I.A.), the Israeli Defense Forces, Barack Obama, the Emanuel family, Pentecostal and Evangelical Christian Zionist Republicans, and the directors of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and of the Temple Institute of Jerusalem, must all be stopped, or the impending war will likely set the Middle East aflame all over again, cause one or several major American cities to fall target to nuclear attack, and allow much of the world to descend into economic stagnation, leading to an energy shortage the likes of which will have never before been seen, leading to the total cessation of transportation and commerce, causing outbreaks of famine and disease, which could potentially wipe out one or two billion people very quickly (Note: the Book of Revelation claims that, in the end times, one-third of Earth's population will be eliminated by famine and disease within three and a half years).

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