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National Defense Authorization Act for 2012

Written in December 2011
Originally published 12-4-2011

According to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012, as long as the Secretary of Defense (currently former C.I.A. Director Leon Panetta) submits to the Congress a written certification that such a detention would be in the national security interest of the United States, the President may authorize the Armed Forces to detain U.S. citizens - without a warrant signed by a judge, without trial, and indefinitely - pursuant to the Authorization of the Use of Military Force (9/18/01), which has been used to help justify the detention of terror suspects at Guantanamo.
Such a person must be suspected of having - at least - directly supported hostilities against the U.S. and / or it coalition partners.
While President Obama has reportedly threatened to veto the bill - which he has by December 12th to do - internet randos have speculated that, because this bill authorizes about $700 billion worth of military spending, the only reason Obama would express disapproval of it would take place in the form of his authorship of a presidential signing statement which would express his opinion that he already had the authority to single-handedly make the decisions which would be left up to the Secretary of Defense.

If signed by the president, the portion of the bill which I have mentioned above would take effect between February 5th and 10th, 2012.

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