Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Selective Service (Draft)

The following was written in November 2013 as a response to the questionnaire for federal candidates seeking an endorsement from the Liberty Caucus of the Republican Conference (i.e., the Republican Party).

Here is the link to the original questionnaire:

This is my answer to Question #9.

9. A
   (I favor national service which is strictly voluntary; not national service which is compulsory for military needs, nor required for community benefit, nor discriminatory towards non-heterosexuals)
   To have military service which is (B) compulsory for military needs and/or (C) required for community benefit is to undermine the original intent of the 2nd Amendment, which was to protect the right of conscientious objection (as the right to bear arms whether serving in an organized or unorganized militia).
   A war or military intervention which our leaders in the national government have to sell to the American people through manufacturing false threats and unsubstantiated rumors asking foreign leaders to prove a negative, and which cannot get enough popular support in Congress or enough military volunteers, is not a war which we should commit to fighting without re-evaluating our objectives, and it is not a war which we should spend a great amount of our resources fighting due to the risk of war profiteering through mercenary and infrastructure contracting.
   I do not favor (D) limiting national service to male heterosexuals because I support the right of all Americans – homosexuals included – to be free from discrimination in the public sector, which includes the military and all government agencies.

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