Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Agorist Protection Agencies and Syndicates Thereof

Written in May 2013,
edited in May 2014

     One of the ways [Samuel E.] Konkin [III] wrote that Agorist protection agencies (if all were threatened by invasion by the State) could defend themselves against the State, would be for the counter-economy to form “larger syndicates than the ones they form [if] a local protection company [goes] renegade” – and to “[generate] the syndicates of protection agencies sufficiently large to defend against the remnant of the State” – by means of “policy holders of all the insurance and protection companies… throw[ing] all their combined resources… on defense of the common ground”.

     “Large syndicates of market protection agencies are containing the State by defending those who have signed up for protection-insurance.”

     “…actual physical confrontation with the State’s enforcers must await the market’s generation of protection agency syndicates of sufficient strength; all else is premature.”

     “The most motivated New Libertarians will move into the research and development supply for the budding agorist protection and arbitration agencies and lastly as directors of the protection company syndicates.”

     “The collapse of the State leaves only mopping up operations. Since the insurance and protection companies see no State to defend against, the syndicate of allied protectors collapses into competition and the NLA [New Libertarian Alliance] - its support gone - dissolves. Statists apprehended pay restoration and if they live long enough to discharge their debts, are re-integrated as productive entrepreneurs (Their “training” comes automatically as they work off their debt.)”

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