Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Competing Class Theories

Man is more enslaved by desires than by his needs,
and by his needs more than by his captors,
but by none of these so much as he is enslaved by ideology.

The proper set of ideas allows him to think his captors into or out of existence.
The proper set of captors allow him to seize or liberate that which satisfies his needs.
The proper set of satisfied needs allows him to yearn for or forsake his desires.

The proper set of nourished desires allows him to

dream himself, control himself, need himself,

and even to transcend desire itself.

As such, the revolution must be intellectual, political, biological, and spiritual,
and - if for some reason all of these things cannot be pursued simultaneously -
and in that order of priority, although not without equal importance.

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The above prose and images were inspired
by Wally Conger's "Agorist Class Theory",
as well as by the work of Karl Marx,
Max Stirner and Hannah Arendt.

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  1. I beg to differ. I am more enslaved by my needs than my desires. I am not enslaved so much by my captors than the system in which we are surrounded by. My captors are a by-product of the system they grew up in.

    You are right about one thing, however. I am most enslaved by my ideology. Using politics as an example, I feel I MUST vote a certain way to cover my necessities of life, and the needs of my friends, family and the rest of America. I must vote for my right to have access to affordable health care, that doesn't block people with pre-existing conditions. I must vote to maintain social welfare programs so that American children and adults remain healthy, well-fed, housed, and educated properly. Women should be respected, and rape is never acceptable under any circumstance. Regarding abortion, we should be focusing on lowering rates through education and widespread access to birth control, not reversing Roe v. Wade (which will never happen anyways.) I don't believe that America should serve as the world police and bloat our military budget when we can't close our deficit, let alone our debt.

    Unfortunately, as much as I would like to see positive change in our political system and election reform, right now we operate under a two-party system. Taking every issue into account, I have to vote (federally, at least) for one of the two main parties. When you compare Romney-Ryan and Obama-Biden, the choice is clear as crystal. My ideology has enslaved me to vote Obama-Biden.

    However, I will point out that the bumper sticker "Think Global, Act Local," has a good point. Globally and Nationally, I think voting for Obama was the best choice for fulfilling my needs and the needs of those I love and care about. I still want to change the system, so I acted local and voted Joe Kopsick for Wisconsin's 2nd District, US House of Representatives! Your views both thrill and scare the hell out of me at the same time! :)

  2. I wrote the blog post "Obamacare and the Interstate Commerce Clause" because I think the federal government has constitutional authority to get rid of barriers to interstate commerce having to do with health insurance. I addressed all the legal barriers to fulfilling Obama's promises about the legislation.

    I wrote "Get a Damn Amendment" because I think expansive executive powers - be they of a governor like Walker or a president like Obama - threaten our freedom to live and let live, and I don't want to see Democrats having such a hard time spending years or even decades fighting for noble causes based on unconstitutional premises.

    I'm not saying the Constitution is perfect, and I don't disagree with collectively-funded health insurance on the whole.

    It's my politician/lawyer thing. One minute I write about how the Zionists and the anti-Zionists could be right about whether the State fulfills prophecy, the next I'm writing about how Obama is unconstitutional but could have been more effective without violating the Constitution.

    What I meant by the "enslaved by his desires" thing is that sometimes our desire to end suffering manifests as a desire to negate our existence, but also as desire to tolerate, mitigate, put up with, and make excuses for enduring the types of suffering which would be promoted by the various types of people listed on the religious figures level.