Friday, May 18, 2018

Links on Homelessness, Moneylessness, Food Waste, and Recycling

Homeless People Read Anti-Homeless Tweets

Response to a John Stossel Episode About Panhandling - article by Joe Kopsick

Facts About Homelessness

Homelessness in Iowa

Restrictions on Feeding the Homeless

Tiny Houses and Possessions Seized from Homeless People

Tiny Houses in Detroit, Michigan

Tiny Houses in Seattle, Washington

Tiny Houses in Madison, Wisconsin

Food Pantry in Wisconsin Offers Free Meals, Discount Clothing, and More

Trash Pickup Jobs for the Homeless

Underground Homelessness in New York City

The I.B.W.A. (International Brotherhood Welfare Association)

The I.B.W.A. (International Brotherhood Welfare Association) - article by Joe Kopsick

Resource Map for Homeless People Living in Portland, Oregon - article by Joe Kopsick

Portland-Focused Solution to Homelessness and Other Economic and Political Issues - article by Joe Kopsick

Homeless Support Facilities in Portland, Oregon

Portland's "Street Roots" Magazine for the Homeless

Mike Reynolds, Garbage Architect

Food Not Bombs: Direct Food Aid to the Homeless

Food Waste in the U.S.

Daniel Suelo, "The Man Without Money"

Political and Economic Articles About the Causes of Homelessness

Reforming Property Tax Laws to Make Home Ownership Less Costly - article by Joe Kopsick


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