Sunday, September 17, 2017

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My YouTube Channel:

2012 Campaign Ads

            States' Rights:

            Get a Damn Amendment:

            Tammy Baldwin Contrast Ad:

            Joe Kopsick: A Loser Like You:

            Joe Kopsick: As Good As Gold:


Misc. Political Topics

- Obamacare and Agorism (for YouTube, 2012)
- Civil Rights from a Libertarian Perspective (for YouTube, 2016)

- Wisconsin International Radio Debate: Economics and the Minimum Wage
(with Miles Kristan and others, for Wisconsin International Radio, 2016)

- Illinois LiberTEA Q&A Session
            (Illinois LiberTEA Party Vets 10th District Congressional Candidate Joe Kopsick, 2016):

- Joe Kopsick Speaks to the Illinois Center Right Coalition
            (as a 10th District U.S. House candidate)

- Failed 2016 Bill Would Have Required Women to Sign Up for the Draft (2017)

- Why There is a Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party (for Dankertarians, 2017)

- Reed Larson Explains Free Rider Problem to AFL-CIO Rep (2017)

- Illinois Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Matthew C. Scaro and Joe Kopsick Livestream (2017)

- Liberate Chicago Podcast (episode: "Rent is Theft?"),
       with guest Matt Scaro and host Jordan Ziolkowski (2017)

- Interview with Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Matthew C. Scaro (2017)

- Presentation on Left-Wing Market Anarchism at the College of Complexes (2018)

- Gun Control Doesn't Prevent Mass Shootings, It Causes Them (2018)

- Threat from North Korea is Being Exaggerated (2018)

- Henry George's Land Value Taxation Could Save Illinois (2018)

- Attacks on Israel Are Not Solely Motivated by Race or Religion (2018)

- Henry George's Land Value Taxation Explained in 5 Minutes (2018)

- Stop Telling People They're Free (2018)

- On the Deplorables and Immigration (2018)

- Free Markets and Socialism Are Compatible (2018)

- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Part Right on Unemployment (2018)

- Libertarian Party Reps Support Silencing Debate About Libertarian Socialism (2018)

- Critique of Kennedy on Socialism, Health Policy, and Living Forever (2018)

- On Tom Woods's Interview of Joshua Smith (2018)

- 15-Point Platform to Unite Democrats and Republicans (Satire) (2018)

- In Defense of My Opposition to the Wagner Act (2018)

- Ben Shapiro's "Socialism is Theft" Ignores WWII, NATO, Corporate Privilege (2018)

- Critique of Mark Davis on the 9th and 10th Amendments, Abortion, Marriage (2018)

- "Stalin Killed More Than Hitler" Borders on Holocaust Denial (2018)

- "Why Jussie Smollett Might Be Innocent" (2019)

- "Government Mismanages Land, Medicine, and Military" (2019)

- "We the People in Chains" (2019)

For Ryan o’Doud’s Black Hand Communique (2016):

- Parts 1-3 of a Series on Cooperative Businesses and Cooperative Finance:

1. BHC: Kopsick on Co-Ops

2. BHC: Kopsick on Co-Ops Part Deux; Kopsicker

3. BHC: No Finance Romance – Kopsick on Alternatives

            - BHC: Election Sleaze-In, featuring Joe and Ryan

Radical Center Podcast (with A.M. Casto, 2017):

            Episode 1: Presidential Elections

           Episode 2: Party Systems

Music and Comedy

- Stand with Rand (Music Video for YouTube, 2013):

- Alex Jones Impressions (2015, 2016)

- Blare Which Project!? (Mashup album, as Nostra diVarious, 2014)

The Which Doctor is In (Mashup album, as Nostra diVarious, 2017)

For Cahnmann's Corner (show on Highland Park, Illinois local public access TV)

- "Libertarianism" (2018)
     Part 1:
     Part 2:

- "How Socialism Ruined Venezuela" (2018)

Originally Compiled and Published on September 17th, 2017
Edited and Expanded on September 20th, October 30th, and November 13th, 2017,
and August 23rd and 24th, and September 5th, 2018,
and February 7th and March 21st and 26th, and June 21st and 24th, 2019

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