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Interview with Illinois Lieutenant Governor Candidate David Earl Williams III

Joe Kopsick: Could you please introduce yourself, and tell us why you're running for lieutenant governor?

David Earl Williams III: I am an eight-time-decorated U.S. Navy war veteran, novelist, model/promoter, political activist, humanitarian, working American, and, most importantly, a libertarian.
I'm running for the nomination of lieutenant governor to represent the Libertarian Party because our current lieutenant governor doesn't do much. It makes the position look useless, as if it's a drain on the taxpayer.
I feel that if you're going to potentially be a replacement for a governor (if they're impeached, passed away or convicted), you damn well need to know how to do the job. So I plan on being an active lieutenant governor, and being an influence as much as possible.

David Earl Williams III, 33, of Chicago, IL
Illinois Lieutenant Governor Candidate, 2018

U.S. House Candidate (IL-9, Independent), 2016
U.S. House Candidate (IL-9, G.O.P.), 2014

JK: Could you tell us a little about your upbringing, professional background, Navy service, the book you wrote, and any hobbies you have outside politics?

            DEW: I served in the U.S. Navy, stationed in Yokosuka, Japan from 2002 to 2006 onboard the U.S.S Cowpens (CG 63). I've been all over Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and, once, the Antarctic.

My professional background includes dealing with over $2 billion worth of military aviation equipment, material management and budgeting.
In 2007, I wrote and published a book titled, "Valor Tale" with Xlibris publishing. It can be found on Amazon for purchase.

My hobbies outside of politics include working out, boxing/MMA training, swing dancing, M.U.G.E.N (custom 2-D fighting engine), and drinking fine red wine and vodka.

JK: In the past, you were accused of stalking an ex-girlfriend, having a mental disorder, and being an Israeli nationalist, or an operative of the Democrat Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros. Is this true?

DEW: I was in a six-month long-distance relationship with this lady who lived in Washington, D.C.. That relationship ended after I found someone who lived much closer to me. She took offense to it, and lashed out at me. Not much came from that ordeal. No hard feelings on my part. Life is treating me well.
The only mental disorder I have ever had, was running as a Republican in the State of Illinois. What ever was I thinking?
The country of Israel has always been a friend to the United States in my eyes.
I've never been associated with the Democratic Party or George Soros. That rumor was started up by Invictus Augustus who was formerly with the Libertarian party until he was expelled for espousing Alt-Right sentiments.

JK: Could you tell us about your previous runs for office? What made you decide to leave the G.O.P. and run as a Libertarian?

DEW: In 2014, I ran for Congress in Illinois ninth congressional district as a Republican. I lost my primary by 1427 votes.
I decided to leave the Republican Party because their values did not match up with upholding the U.S Constitution. The state of Illinois G.O.P. was more concerned with quantity over quality. 
Seeing how out of touch they were when it came to the issues of dealing with the drug war, taxation, and the continuing warfare, the Libertarian Party, as welcoming as they were, was a good fit for me.

JK: The official duties of the lieutenant governor include serving as head of the Illinois Main Street Program, as well as chairman of the Governor's Rural Affairs Council, the Rural Bond Bank of Illinois, and the Illinois River Coordinating Council.
Are these major or minor duties of the position? What are your views on small business and downstate and rural issues?

DEW: All these positions are important, especially making sure that Southern Illinoisans know that their voices won't fall on deaf ears. The Department of Corrections in Illinois should not be giving out contracts to the state of Missouri, when our farmers and local persons should come first!

JK: What are the most important duties of the lieutenant governor? Does the lieutenant governor do too much, not enough, or just the right amount? Are there any capacities or expenses of the office that you'd like to see eliminated?

DEW: The most important duty of the lieutenant governor is to make sure that the governor doesn't get impeached or go to jail. You shouldn't be paid $110,000-$174,000 to ruin a state. Ha ha ha...
In all seriousness, it's about being a civilian legislator, not a career politician. Term limits would help as well. I think with all this, you'll get genuine common people to run for office, rather than those seeking 15 minutes of fame or a get-rich-quick scheme.
I like to see the entire executive branch, and the general assembly, take a huge pay cut. I think our salaries should be based on the state median income ($56,000 as of 2017). The only time any of us should get a raise is when people want to live in Illinois again, and more jobs are created.

JK: What are the most important issues facing the State of Illinois, and what powers does the lieutenant governor have to influence decision-making on these matters?

DEW: When it comes to matters of legislation between the Illinois house and senate, the lieutenant governor serves a tiebreaker. Since I'll be the governor's right-hand person, you bet I will be influencing a lot of things. I'll be closest to the people in the governor’s place.

JK: What are your thoughts on the pension crisis? Does the state's policy on public sector union negotiation need to change?

DEW: I have nothing against unions. I do feel that there should be a choice if you want to be a part of one or not. I do feel that this can be done locally when it comes to the pension funding, instead of leaving it up to the state government.

JK: Is the state headed towards bankruptcy, and how can that be avoided? Are there any circumstances under which you would support a federal bailout?

DEW: I will never be in favor of a federal bailout. A state cannot file for bankruptcy. It's the responsibility of our state government to fix this issue. It may suck that we have to clean up the mess of the previous administrations, but that's why the governor and I would be elected to do so.

JK: What are your thoughts on how state government ought to be funded? Should we be taxing property, income, sales, etc. more, or less? How can the money be used more efficiently and effectively?

DEW: Less taxes means more jobs created, and that means relief for the poor and middle class. In place of this, huge cuts to the state politicians’ salaries, and legalization of marijuana. With its revenues, this will help fund the schools to our roads.

JK: You and the three declared candidates for governor have each articulated a comprehensive approach to solving the gang violence problem in Chicago. Could you tell us about your 7-point plan? Also, in what capacity, if any, should the Illinois National Guard serve?

DEW: My 7-point plan is this:

#1. Legalize Concealed Carry in Chicago.

#2. School Choice.
State funds evenly distributed between public, private, charter, and homeschooling. The more competitive they are, the better results, more funding. It’s your children, your tax dollars.

#3. Full Legalization of Marijuana.
No fine for being caught with over 10 grams.

#4. Decriminalization of Hard Drugs.
Decriminalize harder drug substances, but fine them if caught with between $50 and $100, no jail time. But do offer state rehabilitation services if wanted.

#5. Economic Freedom Zones.
Installing “Economic Freedom Zones in urban areas will bring the small business state tax burden to 1.5%. More private-sector jobs will be created this way, by Illinoisans.

#6. Offer Former Gang Members a Second Chance.
Offer gang members who want a second chance in life, by providing them with a means to gain financial stability; through a state job, or encourage them to join the U.S. Military, or the Illinois National Guard. Proper training should be provided by instilling discipline and moral structure.
The National Guard will only be used if there’s a natural disaster, or large rioting that needs suppressing. In the case of Chicago gang violence, we will leave that up to the local police to take care of criminal justice reforms.

#7. Voting Rights for the Incarcerated.
In Illinois, ex-felons have a right to vote. Incarcerated ones do not. Many are unaware of this fact. We need to massively educate and encourage those ex-felons who have proven to turn their lives around, to take part in the political process, to vote for representatives who will further help fix their community issues.

JK: How would your lieutenant governorship be an improvement over the last several people who held the office?

DEW: I will be actively involved in the community, and people actually will know who I am. 

JK: What is your favorite music?

DEW: Classical, electronica, and jazz.

JK: What are your favorite TV shows, movies, and video games?

DEW: Gotham, The Flash, W.W.E., Star Wars, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Robocop (1987), and Independence Day.

JK: Favorite actor and actress?

DEW: Robin Lord Taylor and Jennifer Lawrence.

            JK: Your favorite libertarian besides Ron Paul?

            DEW: Larry Sharpe

            JK: Your favorite season?

            DEW: Summer.

          JK: Finally, where can viewers see your official campaign website, find out more, and volunteer and donate? Also, any closing statements?

            DEW: I'm not running for 15 minutes of fame, or to get rich quick. I'm an average person who served this country for four years with valor.
          Our so-called "representatives" in Springfield, regardless if they are Democrats or Republicans, they're out of touch. If you want to elect people who are fiscally responsible and socially tolerant, who believe in economic freedom and personal liberty, vote libertarian in 2018.
            Please check out my website and other social media pages:

Thanks so much for the interview, and see you all very soon on the campaign trail.

Questions Asked by Joe Kopsick on September 26th, 2017
Answers by David Earl Williams III on September 28th, 2017
Edited and Published on September 30th, 2017


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