Saturday, December 1, 2018

Reaction to the Washington, D.C. Bomb Threats of Late October 2018

     On October 24th, 2018, someone mailed explosive devices to the F.B.I. and John Brennan. Two days later, a Florida man, Cesar Sayoc, was later arrested in connection with the mail bombs.
     On the day after the bombs arrived, I published my reaction to the incident on social media. What follows is the original text of my reaction.

     These (failed, alleged, possibly staged) bomb threats will benefit Democrats by making them look like victims, and will benefit Republicans because they will lead for calls that more resources and funds and power be placed in the hands of police, military, Homeland Security, Secret Service, etc. (most of which are currently controlled by a Republican majority)
     These bomb threats will be used to justify attacks against the MUTUAL political opponents of BOTH the Democrats and Republicans, i.e., the American people who pay their salaries.
     To me, this - coupled with Trump's admission in January that it will take some sort of unifying event to bring the country together - seems like a False Flag. It could be used as the equivalent of 9/11 for George W. Bush, and the Reichstag Fire for Adolf Hitler. All lawbreakers, and critics of blind patriotism, will be denounced as disloyal, and even Democrats will stoop to chastizing citizens for failing to trust the government enough (even though the Democrats' supposed enemy is in charge of it).
     I interpret Trump's January statement as a veiled, general threat against all U.S. citizens; to obey him, re-elect him, and blindly believe whatever bullshit he's trying to sell them, OR ELSE he will STAGE an attack on some U.S. target (probably public infrastructure, which can be construed as a simultaneous attack on the government and the people) in order to SCARE people into rallying behind him. He is all but admitting that any and all politically motivated violence and threats benefit him and the political class.
     None of the worry about politically motivated violence is coming along with concerns that ALL law enforcement is based on the legitimization of violence. Statists and terrorists BOTH use violence and threats and coercion in order to achieve political goals. The only difference between them is that statists exert monopolistic, exclusive control over some well-defined contiguous territory, and terrorists don't.
     Except when they do.