Monday, August 8, 2016

165 Politician and Celebrity Endorsements of the Libertarian Presidential Ticket

Compiled on August 8th, 2016

Edited and Expanded on September 15th and October 5th and 11th, 2016


1. Former Libertarian presidential nominee Ed Clark
2. 2008 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Mary Ruwart
3. Judge and 2012 Libertarian VP nominee Jim Gray
4. 2014 LP Florida Governor candidate Adrian Wyllie
5. 2016 LP presidential candidate Austin Petersen
6. Gary Johnson Hispanic outreach co-chair and political advertiser Lionel Sosa
7. Former OH State Representative & former 2014 LP OH Governor candidate Charlie Earl
8. National LP Chairman Geoff Neale
9. Former LP National Chairman Mark Hinkle
10. Former LP National Chairman Bill Redpath
11. Former LP National Chairman Jim Lark
12. Iowa Libertarian State Representative candidate Joshua Miller
13. Former Michigan Congressman Kerry Bentivolio (G.O.P. / LP / independent)
14. Nebraska Libertarian State Senator Laura Ebke
15. New Hampshire Libertarian State Representative Max Abramson
16. Utah Libertarian State Senator Mark B. Madsen
17. Paden City, West Virginia Libertarian Mayor Joel Davis
18. Former New Jersey Superior Court judge and former TV show host Andrew Napolitano
19. Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura
20. Bush brother Marvin Bush
21. Bush nephew Jonathan S. Bush
22. Businessman and former 2016 LP presidential candidate Steve Kerbel
23. Businessman and attorney, and fmr. VA Senate and Governor candidate, Robert Sarvis
24. Former national Libertarian Party Chairman Michael Dixon
25. Former national Libertarian Party Chairman Mark Hinkle
26. Nevada Libertarian assemblyman John Moore
27. Michigan Libertarian activist Scott Boman
28. Reason Magazine editor Nick Gillespie
29. Reason Magazine editor Matt Welch

30. Reason Magazine senior editor and columnist Jacob Sullum
31. Reason Magazine editor Jesse Walker
32. Reason Magazine contributor and cartoonist Peter Bagge
33. RealClearPolitics, Reason Magazine, and Newsday writer Cathy Young
34. Cato Institute co-founder Ed Crane
35. Cato Institute senior fellow Tom G. Palmer
36. Author and Cato Institute senior fellow Walter Olson
37. Former Connecticut Senate candidate Peter Schiff
38. Economist Jeffrey Tucker
39. Former FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe
40. Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby
41. Newsday opinion columnist William F. B. o'Reilly

42. Former Arizona G.O.P. U.S. Representative Jim Kolbe
43. Mesa, Arizona G.O.P. city councilman Dave Richins
44. Former California G.O.P. U.S. Representative Tom Campbell
45. District of Columbia G.O.P. Committee Vice Chairman Gary Teal
46. Former Florida G.O.P. U.S. Representative Juan-Carlos Planas
47. Hawaii G.O.P. congressional candidate Eric Hafner
48. Former Montgomery County, Indiana G.O.P. Chairman John Pickerill
49. Former G.O.P. Kansas State Representative J. Basil Dannebohm
50. Former Massachusetts G.O.P. Chairwoman Jennifer Nassour
51. Former Massachusetts G.O.P. State Representative John MacGovern
52. Former Massachusetts G.O.P. State Representative Daniel Winslow
53. Montana State G.O.P. Representative Nicholas Schwaderer
54. Montana State G.O.P. Representative Daniel Zolnikov
55. Former Bozeman, Montana G.O.P. Mayor Jeff Krauss
56. Nevada State G.O.P. U.S. Representative John Moore
57. Former New Jersey G.O.P. U.S. Representative Dick Zimmer
58. New Mexico G.O.P. State Senator Lisa Torraco
59. Former New Mexico G.O.P. sheriff and Public Safety Secretary Darren White
60. New York, and former New Jersey, G.O.P. official, Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff
61. Rhode Island G.O.P. State Senator Dawson Hodgson
62. Former South Dakota G.O.P. State Senator Stan Adelstein
63. Travis County, Texas G.O.P. Chairman Robert Morrow
64. Cache County, UT G.O.P. Executive Committee member Jonathan Choate
65. Vermont G.O.P. State Representative Tom Burditt
66. Vermont G.O.P. State Representative Patti Komline
67. Vermont G.O.P. State Representative Heidi Scheuermann
68. Virginia G.O.P. Congressman Scott Rigell
69. Former Virginia Republican state delegate John Buckley
70. Charleston, West Virginia Mayor Danny Jones (unaffiliated, formerly G.O.P.)
71. Wisconsin G.O.P. U.S. Representative Reid Ribble
72. Former G.O.P. Liberty Caucus Vice Chairman Ed Lopez
73. G.O.P. strategist Liz Mair
74. Democratic Texas State Representative Joe Pickett
75. Former NM Green Party Chairwoman Carol Miller
76. Illinois independent congressional candidate David Earl Williams III
77. Alliance, Ohio City Council member Julie A. Jakmides (party unknown)
78. Lincoln Initiative co-founder Garrett Johnson
79. Marijuana Policy Project co-founder and executive director Rob Kampia
80. Political advisor Juan Hernandez
81. Former A.C.L.U. national board member Wendy Kaminer
82. Attorney Alan Gura
83. Attorney Charles Kuck
84. Movimiento Civico Nacional Guatemala project manager Gloria Alvarez
85. Former U.K. Parliament member Louise Mensch
86. Conservative E.U. Parliament member Daniel Hannan
87. Liberal Democratic Australia Senator David Leyonhjelm
88. Czech Free Citizens Party deputy-leader Karel Zvara
89. Czech Free Citizens Party deputy-leader Radim Smetka
90. Czech Free Citizens Party deputy-leader Josef Kales
91. Blogger and CNBC commentator Joshua Brown
92. Weekly Standard writer Jay Cost
93. Libertarian Republic writer Josh Guckert
94. RedState writer Caleb Howe
95. Economist and writer Arnold Kling
96. Federalist writer Ilya Shapiro
97. Ballot Access News editor Richard Winger
98. Author Todd Seavey
99. Science writer Ronald Bailey
100. Cartoonist and Dilbert creator Scott Adams
101. Political cartoonist Scott Stantis
102. TV and radio host Glenn Beck
103. TV host John Stossel
104. TV host Kennedy
105. TV host and pundit Kmele Foster
106. Fox's "The Five" co-host Greg Gutfeld
107. Television and radio host Jedediah Bila
108. Television commentator Katherine Timpf
109. Television and radio host Jillian Barberie110. Activist, veteran, and radio host Adam Kokesh
111. Talk radio host Neal Boortz112. Radio host Steve Cochran
113. Radio host Keith Larson
114. Talk radio host Ronn Owens
115. Radio show host and documentary filmmaker John Ziegler
116. The Rubin Report host Dave Rubin
117. Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic
118. KWP Music Group CEO, musician, and rapper Kurt Rock
119. TV host Montel Williams
120. Actor and comedian Drew Carey
121. Actress, singer, and "The View" co-host Raven-Symone
122. Actress Melissa Joan Hart
123. Actor Diedrich Bader
124. Actor Randy Wayne
125. Actor Kurt Yaeger
126. British actor Tom Felton
127. Comedian Brendon Walsh
128. Comedian and TV host Josh Wolf
129. Comedian and actor Joe Rogan130. Comedian Doug Stanhope
131. Comedian Larry the Cable Guy (Dan Whitney)132. Magician Penn Jillette
133. Magician Teller (Raymond J. Teller)
134. Director and screenwriter Heywood Gould135. Dallas Cowboys player Rudy Carpenter
136. New England Patriots player Chris Long
137. Former NBA player Kenny Smith
138. Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith, Kenny Smith's wife
139. Professional golfer Aron Price140. Former hockey player Hal Gill
141. Professional wrestler Goldust (Dustin P. Runnels)
142. Professional wrestler Kane (Glenn T. Jacobs)
143. Professional wrestler John Bradshaw Layfield
144. Professional wrestler Kevin Nash
145. Professional wrestler Sean Waltman
146. Professional wrestler Dolph Ziggler
147. Professional wrestler Val Venis
148. Sports commentator Benjamin Allbright
149. Harvard director and lecturer Jeffrey Miron
150. Duke professor Michael Munger
151. University of Illinois at Chicago Professor Deirdre McCloskey
152. C.E.O Patrick M. Byrne
153. Whole Foods C.E.O. and founder John Mackey154. Morning Star Company C.E.O. Chris J. Rufer
155. Public Storage chairman B. Wayne Hughes
156. Former Exelon C.E.O. John Rowe
157. Guardian Angels founder and C.E.O. Curtis Sliwa
158. John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron co-founder John Paul deJoria
159. Susquehanna International Group managing director and co-founder Jeff Yass

160. Oculus VR virtual reality technology company founder Palmer Luckey
161. National Geographic Bee Champion Rishi Nair
162. Pastor Scott Scrimshaw
163. Evil Angel porn site founder and owner John Stagliano
164. Adam & Eve sex toy company co-founder and president Phil Harvey
165. Michigan Associated Builders and Contractors president Jimmy E. Greene

Daily Newspapers
1. The Caledonian-Record
2. The Chicago Tribune
3. The Detroit News
4. The New Hampshire Union Leader
5. The Richmond Times-Dispatch
6. The Winston-Salem Journal

Interest Groups
1. Cornell College Republicans
2. Independence Party of New York
3. Marijuana Policy Project
4. New Mexico College Republican Federation
5. Swarthmore Conservative Society

May Endorse / Considering Endorsement, Want to See Libertarians in Debate,
Donated to Campaign, and / or Supported Johnson in 2012

1. 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney
2. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush
3. Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
4. Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels
5. Former Montana Governor Mark Racicot
6. Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman
7. Weekly Standard founder and Quayle chief of staff William Kristol
8. Singer Kelly Clarkson (admires Ron Paul and Gary Johnson)
9. Rapper Big Boi (supported Sanders in primary)

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