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Millennial Political Hub

The following is a description for the Facebook group "Millennial Political Hub."

Written by Joe Kopsick and Trevor Tidwell in May and August 2014.

By Joe Kopsick:

A page for a big-tent, multi-partisan coalition for a new American republic and a new social contract.
The Millennial Political Hub (formerly the United Freedom Alliance) is a coalition that caters to the voice of the people.

We know that the people of the world, of the United States, and especially the Millennial generation (the generation born between approximately 1982 and 2000) want to think and work together peacefully to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the world over the next several decades.

The American Dream is in shambles. The Baby Boomer generation will not only out-earn the Millennial generation; they will also live longer than Millennials. Generational debt has resulted from our government's financial mismanagement. Homelessness, hunger, poverty, and economic disparity still plague the world, and in America the authorities brutally crack down on the poor, and brutally crack down on everyone else for unbelievably minor non-violent offenses. Life-threatening but preventable chronic diseases are on the rise. By 2025, the North Atlantic will be almost completely devoid of marine life, and by 2030, carbon dioxide emission trends will reach the crucial turning point.

Our governmental institutions and processes – even our fundamental notions of what justice and the rule of law are - are in disarray. The stark divide between political camps which was evident during the Culture Wars of the 1990s has given way to increasing factionalism and sectionalism, which threaten to eventually tear apart not only the two major parties but the fabric of society as a whole.

Simply put, the world has a lot of problems, and each person or faction in it has its own views about what justice is, and what standards people ought to be held to.

That's why Millennial Political Hub invites you to join our group, chat with administrators, discuss in our threads, meet fellow members, and vote in our polls. Seek your own justice, wisdom, and freedom, through peaceful discourse and polite discussion. We do this in order to encourage free thought and speech, facilitate cooperation and brainstorming.

Our desire is to build a broad coalition that would support a platform based on what we aim to create: a working model for a personalizable, customizable form of government (or style, or institutional framework for, governance) that can be all things to all people. A style of - or institutional framework for – governance, that can hold people to THEIR OWN professed moral principles and behavioral standards, not to the principles dictated by some elite claiming to represent them.

We believe that the people of the Millennial Generation – and of the Millennial Political Hub – are up to the challenge of improving government and solving war, hunger, pollution, poverty, unemployment, collapsing public infrastructure, education, disease, and so on. Millennials are well-educated, globally aware, culturally and ethnically diverse, and politically conscious, yet relatively untainted by partisan politics.

The Millennials are not content to become a silent, ignored, mistrusted generation. The Baby Boomers seem certain that we are going to save them, but they don't seem willing to accept any of our terms. Our generation may volunteer in record numbers, but we don't always work for free.

We demand little more than the tools to do our jobs: our fair share of opportunity, a peaceful and free society, a safe workplace, a truly SOCIAL safety net that extends beyond the scope of government welfare programs, and a basic guaranteed standard of living to provide a level playing field.

We want more reasonable licensing requirements and more widely accessible job training. We want it to be easier to volunteer and to work, and we want those labors to be more effective and more profitable. Likewise, we want our government to spend our money more wisely and more efficiently.

The Millennial Generation cannot take its place in history as a proud and accomplished generation unless and until the political, societal, and economic values systems of the Baby Boomers are no longer imposed on us. We know that society cannot survive when groups and individuals impose foreign values systems, customs, and traditions upon one another, not without dire consequences.

Millennial Political Hub urges its members to read “The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny” by William Strauss and Neil Howe. Strauss and Howe teach us that generations and history shape and influence one another, and postulate that generational societal change occurs in cycles.

Millennial Political Hub hopes to find ways for our generation to get along with the dying members of the G.I. and Silent generations, and the Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers. We also want to ensure that the next generation does not fall victim to the same war, nationalism, and depression that afflicted the Silent and Progressive generations.

Collectively, we stand for:
- Subsidiarity and localism: increase governmental efficiency and efficacy through the decentralization and diffusion of decision-making and enforcement power down to the lowest possible level without compromising competence.
- Household choice of legal community and location (for single-person households and family households alike).
- Self-determination of households and consensual legal communities (whether or not the lands that such communities are contiguous and connected).
- Egalitarianism and isocracy
- Civic republicanism; an emphasis on written law
- That a social contract should be written, signed, sealed, delivered, and acknowledged by all parties involved, just like any normal contract conferring mutual obligation and surety.
- That breaking a social contract, or changing its rules without sufficient cause and/or notice, should merit ostracism, and compulsory exile and self-dependence; rather than forced submission or violent retribution (unless democide or mass mayhem is risked by not initiating violence in the face of an imminent threat).
- That consensus- and coalition- based democracy are preferable to majoritarian democracy (even based on a majority of those who participate) because majoritarianism is insufficiently supportive of - and insufficiently deferential to - individual rights, cultural differences, the self-determination of legal communities, competitive provision of justice, and non-cooperative pacts and truces providing for non-aggression.

- Separation of powers in dispute resolution: eliminate corruption in jury selection; promote full information of juries; reinstate common-law grand juries; ensure that no dispute resolution or arbitration agency has the authority to license any other (s), nor to compel any person or agency to always and exclusively come to it for dispute resolution; and ensure that police witnesses, prosecutors, and judges (who all represent the state) and court-appointed public defenders cannot collude to keep jurors and the accused ill-informed of their rights.

To learn more about the inspiration for this group - and about the history of Western political philosophy - the original three authors of the group recommend viewing the following 12-part video series, a course that was filmed at Harvard that covers Locke, Nozick, Rawls, Aristotle, and others.

By Trevor Tidwell:

The Millennial Political Hub is a place for Millennials to gather, discuss, brainstorm to create mutually agreeable solutions across partisan and ideological lines, and form a big-tent, multi-partisan coalition for a new republic and social contract, that all may have justice and freedom for themselves, rather than having values and ideals imposed on them.

We invite you to join our group, chat with administrators and other members, vote in polls, and participate in peaceful discourse and polite discussion. We encourage free thought and speech, and want to facilitate cooperation and brainstorming.

As Millennials, we are not content to become a silent, ignored, lazy, and mistrusted generation. Our Boomer parents and grandparents once seemed certain that we were going to save them, and with the proper guidance and negotiation, we will rise to the occasion. Gen-Xers have distrusted us, but we will build bridges of mutual respect, appreciation, and teamwork. We will end the conflict between generations, so we can face our challenges together.

We believe that Millennials, together with Xers and Boomers, are up to the challenge of improving government, solving war, ending hunger, cleaning up pollution, eradicating poverty, ending unemployment, renewing collapsing public infrastructure, improving education, curing disease, and meeting all the challenges we face with all brightness of hope that we can overcome them. We are well-educated, globally aware, culturally and ethnically diverse, and politically conscious, and reject partisan politics.

We want our markets, corporations, and businesses to have a conscience and be socially responsible, as well as productive and profitable. We want education to be freely accessible and affordable for all people. We want fully integrated lives, where our jobs and work do not take us from our families or prevent us from enjoying the fruits and rest of a productive society. We want strong, healthy, and happy children, families, and marriages. We want our homes, neighborhoods and communities to be safe, friendly, clean, well connected, and open. We want our government to be efficient, responsible, and responsive, and our taxes invested and dispensed wisely. We want an end to debt-slavery and wage slavery and the building of true wealth for the benefit of all people. We want peace and freedom.

Request to join now!

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