Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Political Spectrum of Symbols: The Piano Model

1-A. Monarchism
1-B. Christian Communism
1-C. ?
1-D. Hitlerist National Socialism
1-E. ?
1-F. Progressive Corporat(iv)ism
1-G. American National Socialism
1-H. U.S. Tea Party Caucus
1-J. U.S. Constitution Party
2-A. Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism
2-B. National Communism
2-C. ?
2-D. Mussolinian Fascism
2-E. ?
2-F. (T.) Rooseveltian Bull Moose Progressivism
2-G. U.S. Republican Party
2-H. U.S. Libertarian Conservatism
2-J. American Freedom Party (formerly American Third Position Party)
3-A. Marxism-Leninism
3-B. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
3-C. Strasserist National Socialism (and Black Front)
3-D. Authoritarian Social Democracy
3-E. ?
3-F. U.S. Democratic Party
3-G. U.S. Reform Party
3-H. Voluntaryism
3-J. ?
4-A. Communist Party U.S.A.
4-B. Socialism
4-C. Nationalist Social Democracy
4-D. Social Democracy
4-E. Libertarian Social Democracy
4-F. ?
4-G. U.S. Democratic Freedom Caucus
4-H. Rothbardianism (and Thick Libertarianism)
4-J. Objectivism (Ayn Rand)
5-A. Trotskyism (and Fourth International)
5-B. (International) Socialist Party
5-C. ?
5-D. Market Socialism
5-E. Center
5-F. U.K. Liberal Democrats
5-G. U.S. Justice Party
5-H. U.S. Libertarian Party
5-J. Minarchist Libertarianism (Jan Helfeld)
6-A. (International) Communist Party
6-B. U.S. Socialist Equality Party
6-C. U.S. Freedom Socialist Party
6-D. ?
6-E. U.S. Green Party
6-F. ?
6-G. U.S. Green Tea Coalition
6-H. Free State Project (New Hampshire, U.S.)
6-J. Emer de Vattel (Social-Contractarian Nationalist Voluntaryism)
7-A. Makhnovism (National-Autonomist Anarcho-Communism)
7-B. U.S. Socialist Party
7-C. Bakuninism
7-D. Minarchist Mutualism (Anarchist Federation)
7-E. U.S. Peace and Freedom Party
7-F. U.S.A. Parliament
7-G. (International) Pirate Party
7-H. Voluntaryism (Lysander Spooner)
7-J. Right-Libertarianism (Walter Block)
8-A. Anarchist Communism
8-B. Minarchist Syndicalism (I.W.W.)
8-C. Voluntary Collectivism (Kropotkin)
8-D. Federative (Proudhonian) Mutualism
8-E. Georgism, Geolibertarianism
8-F. ?
8-G. Left-Wing Libertarianism (Kevin Carson)
8-H. Market Anarchism
8-J. Panarchism
9-A. Collectivist Anarchism
9-B. Anarcho-Syndicalism
9-C. Mutualist Anarcho-Syndicalism
9-D. Confederative Mutualist Anarchism
9-E. Green Anarchism, Geo-Anarchism
9-F. Direct Democracy
9-G. Egoist Unionism (Max Stirner)
9-H. Agorism
9-J. National-Anarchism

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