Monday, March 10, 2014

Is This the Electoral Map of the 2016 Presidential Race?

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  2. Pop-up/Pop-off, Cleveland
    Purveyors of Riot Goods, since 1969

    Hillary Clinton's exploratory White House male intern applications are now being accepted. A full-length photo must accompany your CV. And a brief note, on: just how far you would go to get ahead, as topic. A registered Democrat is preferred.

    Marc Breed
    Interim Chief of Staff

  3. Stumbled across this map. your assessments of potential 2012 states flipping democrat in 2016. Was an absolutely ridiculous prediction.
    Hillary Clinton, is perhaps the most despised politician in D.C..
    And as we now see. Even with celebrities backing her, the media totally in the bag for, and widspread voter fraud. She still couldn't beat Donald Trump for President.
    She was so hated. That she lost 3 of the safest democrat states, that made up the democrat firewall. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Nearly loosing the fourth state Minnesota too.