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Proletarian Radical Agorist Economics (P.R.A.E.)

              Proletarian Radical Agorist Economics (P.R.A.E., pronounced “pray”) is an effort to promote the preservation of the roots of family in political, economic, and social life; and the examination of the etymological roots of political vocabulary words.

The proletariat is the reproductively fertile class that proliferates and prolongs life. To be radical is to strike and grasp at the root. The agora are the open marketplaces for free and equal association and exchange. Economics denotes the art and study of household financial management.
P.R.A.E. promotes catallaxy, the spontaneous order which results from the mutual adjustment of many individual economies (households) to one another. P.R.A.E. additionally supports counter-economics and increased consumer influence on the regulation of marketplaces (towards conditions of perfection and completeness of competition).

The U.S. federal Government has planned approximately $200 trillion in future spending (major fiscal exposure). If the workforce could double in efficiency and also productive capacity (productive for the State) for the next 40 years (until people now in their late twenties retire around 65), then in the 2050s, by the time our children are just a decade or two older than we are now, we could see ourselves with balanced government budgets, a sustainable post-scarcity economy with efficient distribution.
The yuppies won, transcended, and abandoned the American Dream, making more and working less than their parents but also than their children, sometimes even joining professional associations and guilds so as to lower job mobility and the ability of children to enter the same trades as their parents; this has increased animosity between the generations.
However, with hard work, we might see a situation in which our generation (or our children's generation) could be the last generation to ever work under conditions of inadequate provision of the tools necessary to perform the relevant tasks, and to pay part of the product of labor to for-profit government as tribute.

P.R.A.E. is dedicated to:

- Promoting personal responsibility, self-restraint, personal liberty, and the freedom to take risks.

- Discussing how to best teach the next generation that private property (freedom to exclude) is conditional upon periodic sharing; i.e., refraining from always excluding others from equal freedom to access, use, possess, and occupy.

- Protecting the right to refuse help, and freedom from coercion and bribery into dependence.

- Ensuring the right of parents to refuse to sign their children up for the selective military service (i.e., the draft).

- Protecting the right of parents to retain custody of their children, free from unwarranted and arbitrary takings into government custody, for reasons such as parental use of marijuana.

- Protecting the right to refuse to work, and the freedom to work without being obligated to do so.

- Ensuring the ease of access to goods and services, job markets (including sufficient means to perform the tasks of the job), and volunteer organizations.

- Promoting productive, educational, and personalized alternatives to over-structuring and over-scheduling children's lives.

- Promoting parental responsibility to ensure that next generation understands personal finance, insurance, economics, and civics.

- Opposing efforts to criminalize homeschooling and unschooling, and opposing the ideas that compulsory education is a right and that it is desirable.

- Promoting parents' rights to pull their children out of public school due to abusive teachers given tenure, bullying rules designed to protect schools from legal liability, invasive security practices, school tracking of students, school shootings and bombings, and lack of freedom to independently pray.

- Promoting children's increased freedom to study autonomously, although with adult supervision, and pursue their own well-informed and realistic educational and skills training path.

- Parental responsibility to be attentive to what their children read, watch, listen to, etc..

- Sharing news stories about child prodigies, inventors, and academics.

- Raising awareness of Socratic maieutics; that the truth is latent in the human mind, and that helpful discourse is necessary to assist in the birth of the thought, to push it out and to express it.

- Promoting the raising of children on or near farms, near observable life processes like birth and death.

- Promoting the idea that a child's well-being depends more on whether they have loving relatives than whether their living environment passes some arbitrary modern standard of quality of life.

- Promoting the idea that forcing children to accept hugs from others when they are uncomfortable doing so, resembles child abuse, more than does sending them to bed without dinner if they refuse to eat and/or do their chores.

- Ensuring parents' freedom to give birth at home, employ unlicensed doulas and midwives, and breast feed anywhere without fear of ostracism.

- Ensuring parents' freedom to name their children as they please, or to refrain from naming them.

- Ensuring parents' freedom to refuse to report, register, and certify their child's birth with government.

- Ensuring that the next generation is free from being expected and required to carry identification documents.

- Ensuring that the next generation is free from being tracked for the purposes of collecting medical and other information.

- Ensuring that the next generation is free to object to compulsory association with the state, and other organizations, on grounds of conscientious objections, or as James Madison put it, “religious scrupulousness”.

If we work hard for long enough, our children might never have to work at all if they choose not to. Regardless, the children are still begging us to let them help.
We must ensure that young people, from those in elementary school to those just entering the work force, have equal access to the education, skills, and opportunities that will allow them (should they choose to work) to become independent and self-sufficient, and productive through trade / exchange.
We demand equal access to the factors of production, not primarily as a dichotomy of workers against managers; and not just as workers, managers, distributors, consumers, and taxpayers coming together to negotiate on policy; but as families and single-person households coming together to exempt the next generation from the chattel, wage, political, and debt slavery of the communionistic, capitalist American corporate state and its attempts to establish global domination and track all human beings as if they were cattle.
P.R.A.E. also prays for a world free from mass bird and bee deaths, in which, when we sit down to tell the next generation about “the birds and the bees”, we won't have to explain that these were creatures that have gone extinct.

Comedian Emo Phillips once remarked, “Children are our most precious natural resource... I pray it never comes to that.”

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