Sunday, March 18, 2012

Political Compound

The above image is a sketch of a compound which I would like to build.
Assuming that each structure will shelter four people, the entire compound will shelter 248 people, and each regular structure will take two weeks to build. It will have an observation tower and an underground bomb shelter. Each building will be completely self-sufficient with regards to heating, ventilation, plumbing, sewage, and water collection and treatment / purification.
The main materials will be rebar, concrete, wood, earth, used tires, trash, and recycled materials. The gray lines represent asphalt roadways, the white lines represent plastic drainage pipes, and the reddish-brown objects on top of the buildings are for rainwater collection.
The structure of the political society of the compound will vary daily according to the roll of the die. Whoever lives in the building that is rolled will sit in the tower to keep watch, and the politicoeconomic philosophy of that building will be the theme on which the compound is encouraged to reflect for the day.
Buildings will be permitted to enter into (only temporary) alliances with other buildings. Since government is viewed by some (especially those of the various market-anarchist persuasions) as "mutual insurance-and-protection companies", such "alliances" may also be perceived as "mergers" or "corporate partnerships".
Each building will function as a sovereign government whose aim is to attract as many customers as it may deem appropriate – in addition to integrating horizontally with other "sovereigns" as it may deem appropriate – without initiating force / coercion / aggression / violence.
The society will – in effect – be a role-playing game put into real-life practice, but a game which is specifically designed so that there will never be any formal or permanent winner.
The society’s temporal structure will be based on the Chinese calendar. Each year of 13 lunar months will have six repetitions of 64 days each (totaling 383-1/2 days). There are 62 buildings, so each house will get to be in charge and keep watch exactly six times a year for one day at a time. At the end of every I Ching year, there will be eleven-and-a-half days of total anarchy, which will be dedicated to the celebration of and reflection upon deconstructionist, Discordian, existentialist, subjectivist, and nihilist politics, and during which all alliances / "corporate partnerships" / "mergers" will be temporarily dissolved. 
 For more information about the construction of these types of buildings, please Google Mike Reynolds, Earth Ships, and the documentary Garbage Warrior.

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