Monday, November 8, 2010

An Anarchistic Theocracy

Although God is us, we must not assume that we are Him; that is, God's identity as us, His children, is non-transitive. The Corpus Mysticum is a false body; we cannot assert to know His mind simply by convening and making decisions as a group.

This is the crucial mistake of government and politics; to entertain the notion that we may improve upon the Lord's perfect dominion by exerting control over one another. We are not in control; God is. 

Thus, pure theocracy is anarchistic in nature. God has blessed each of us with the gift of free thought, and the ability to govern and to make decisions for oneself. He has provided us a place to live, resources to sustain ourselves, and the desire and ability to appropriate those resources charitably to those whom are in the direst need.

No amount of planning, no matter how well-organized, democratic [majoritarian], or timocratic [organized by the authority of those who have the greatest ability to build], can foreordain what degree of security man may someday have in one another and in nature. "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away."

Just as Christianity maintains that "We must obey God as ruler rather than men"; just as Judaism asserts that the Jews must not have a human king other than, as God through Mashiach is their only king; just as Islam holds that Iblis refused to bow down to the first humans with the same respect with which he bowed down before God; so too must we not afford our fellow man the same reverence we give to God.

But make no mistake; God is, and God is in, each one of us. Each one of us may only reach Him by ascending, in personal contemplation, the heights of our own understanding, bringing relics of His wisdom, one at a time, back down the mountain, to common ground - the dwelling-place of the multitude - where we may be in communion with His children, loving and tolerating them as He has commanded, and pray to Him by patiently attempting to understand how He speaks to us also through our brothers and sisters.

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  1. I have been pursuing this philosophy for quite a while, "over 25 years."

    It is both surprising and refreshing to read what I have communicated to others, in very specific and generalization polarity modulating manners, to those others, here in a very accurate succinct identity recognizing manner.

    Thus both confirming that this idea can not simply be derived from environmental influences, because although I do not know you I would find it very unlikely we had the similar environmental experiences, and/ or similar intellectual pursuits, because we are both coming to the same conclusions and expressing it from different perspective points.

    I, for years, when referring to myself in attempts for others to be able to have a label that gave them the most workable handle to grasp what I described as an expression of "my" philosophy, as a "Theocratic Anarchist."

    Here recently in reflecting on the label of "Theocratic Anarchist", after many years, I recognized where the emphasis was placed "Anarchist" as the identity rather than Theocrat as the identity.

    Being GOD'S and an expression of HIS WILL. I recognized that a possible more accurate description should be Anarchistic Theocrat.

    I am still not convinced yet about the description being more accurate because of the purpose of the linguistic manner of expression is a valuable tool for me, but it led me to this page.

    First let me say once again surprising and refreshing. After reading this article I have found it to be more of an identity communicating blog article versus a behavioral application blog article.

    And for years I have learned that the human condition defines it's self through the performed behaviors it notices and recognizes within it's "self" performing.

    And if human's go through the process of defining through recognized behavioral constructs then if I want them to connect to this idea as an identity possibility then I would need to describe the expressed behavior that would help them to recognize this philosophy as a truism.

    When I say I did this what I am truly saying is "what I experience I was directed to express was directed by "my " perspectives of GOD'S desired WILL for me to express it as."
    Thus why my focus on a behavioral application of the identity of Theocrat in the teachings on this subject is the point of entry that gets the most efficient removal of barrier to entry in connecting to the identity of being GOD'S.

    Be Blessed