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Political Compound

The above image is a sketch of a compound which I would like to build.
Assuming that each structure will shelter four people, the entire compound will shelter 248 people, and each regular structure will take two weeks to build. It will have an observation tower and an underground bomb shelter. Each building will be completely self-sufficient with regards to heating, ventilation, plumbing, sewage, and water collection and treatment / purification.
The main materials will be rebar, concrete, wood, earth, used tires, trash, and recycled materials. The gray lines represent asphalt roadways, the white lines represent plastic drainage pipes, and the reddish-brown objects on top of the buildings are for rainwater collection.
The structure of the political society of the compound will vary daily according to the roll of the die. Whoever lives in the building that is rolled will sit in the tower to keep watch, and the politicoeconomic philosophy of that building will be the theme on which the compound is encouraged to reflect for the day.
Buildings will be permitted to enter into (only temporary) alliances with other buildings. Since government is viewed by some (especially those of the various market-anarchist persuasions) as "mutual insurance-and-protection companies", such "alliances" may also be perceived as "mergers" or "corporate partnerships".
Each building will function as a sovereign government whose aim is to attract as many customers as it may deem appropriate – in addition to integrating horizontally with other "sovereigns" as it may deem appropriate – without initiating force / coercion / aggression / violence.
The society will – in effect – be a role-playing game put into real-life practice, but a game which is specifically designed so that there will never be any formal or permanent winner.
The society’s temporal structure will be based on the Chinese calendar. Each year of 13 lunar months will have six repetitions of 64 days each (totaling 383-1/2 days). There are 62 buildings, so each house will get to be in charge and keep watch exactly six times a year for one day at a time. At the end of every I Ching year, there will be eleven-and-a-half days of total anarchy, which will be dedicated to the celebration of and reflection upon deconstructionist, Discordian, existentialist, subjectivist, and nihilist politics, and during which all alliances / "corporate partnerships" / "mergers" will be temporarily dissolved. 
 For more information about the construction of these types of buildings, please Google Mike Reynolds, Earth Ships, and the documentary Garbage Warrior.

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Defense Policies for 2012 U.S. House Candidacy

Written in January 2012
Originally published on January 18th, 2012
Originally appeared at

Philosophy of Government

Living in a free society means respecting individual rights such as the right of private property, contract rights, and freedom of – and from – association. In order to preserve legitimate, contractual government, society must engender only those forms and agencies of government whose powers are delegated through the authorization of informed, consenting sovereign individuals who wield such powers to begin with.
Governments should primarily function as agencies offering insurance protections against harm of person and / or property. I feel that governments which practice jurisdiction over areas larger than towns, cities, and small counties should never wield either perpetual or exclusive rights to govern; and that they should have to compete against other governments within overlapping jurisdictions – as well as against non-governmental agencies of labor and capital – to provide the types of goods and services which are typically thought of as public; security and justice not excepted.
Additionally, I believe that socioeconomic justice can be achieved without taxation, but that there first must be radical increases in the size and variety of types of non-governmental associations.
I would urge governments at all levels to preserve the freedom from association and the consent of the governed by seceding, permitting secession and independence of the smaller governments within them, and decentralizing their governments as much as possible (without compromising competence).
I would sponsor legislation promoting public awareness about dual federalism and the right of individuals to terminate federal citizenship. I would also support amending the Constitution to permit multiple seceding states to form into confederations, and I would urge the states to amend their constitutions to permit citizens to terminate their state citizenship.

Civil Liberties

Nine-tenths of the Bill of Rights has been violated and / or significantly eroded in our history; and loose interpretations of the General Welfare Clause, the Necessary and Proper Clause, and the Interstate Commerce Clause of the Constitution are subverting civil liberties like never before. I would support a strict-constructionist interpretation of the Bill of Rights.
I believe that the Constitution affords equal due process rights to federal subjects, citizens of the states, and subjects of foreign governments alike. I also believe that the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment only applies the 5th Amendment – and not the entire Bill of Rights – to the states, and prohibits the states from punishing citizens for being or becoming federal subjects.
As such, I would urge the states to ensure that their constitutions provide perfect due process, and that they nearly mirror the civil liberties standards set by the Bill of Rights. I would also promote increased public awareness of our common-law rights under the states, and vote to defend the corpus delicti principle of crime.
I would sponsor legislation requiring that citizens coming of age be provided with certain information about the difference between their sets of privileges, immunities, and / or rights both before and after coming of age and entering political associations; and that prospective jurors become informed about jury nullification.
Additionally, I would vote to repeal all of the last decade’s PATRIOT-Act-type legislation, many continuity-of-government laws, all federal gun and drug control laws, all federal mandatory-minimum-sentencing laws, and all laws permitting the death penalty for federal crimes. I would also vote to oppose similar legislation in the future.

National Sovereignty

We should follow Washington’s advice about avoiding entangling alliances. I would vote to end U.S. partnership to all military alliances – including the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – and demand congressional approval for overt attacks and destabilization operations on foreign sovereign nations which do not directly or immediately threaten Americans.
Documents from the Founding to just several years ago have confirmed that the states are sovereign and independent, and I believe that the federal government and the states should be regarded as having co-equal sovereignty. Local, state, federal, foreign, and international, sovereign governments ought to have the equal right to choose whether to submit to one another.
All levels of all governments should also have equal rights to compete against one another to provide human rights, financial well-being, and sufficient market freedom to their citizens. These rights are threatened when our federal government subjects itself to the low standards for human rights set by the United Nations, the institutionalization of wealth-derived power embodied in the World Bank and the I.M.F., and the slowing of the liberalization of trade posed by the World Trade Organization and reformist multilateral free-trade associations such as N.A.F.T.A.
I would vote to end membership of the U.S. federal government in the U.N., the World Bank and the I.M.F., the W.T.O., and all free-trade associations. I would also vote to repeal a constitutional provision which prevents the states from becoming partners to military alliances; and could also be construed to prevent them from seeking recognition by the international community, any level of membership in the U.N., and membership in the World Bank, the I.M.F., the W.T.O., and free-trade associations.

Military Spending

America’s economy, international reputation, and capacity for self-defense have been weakened by our reckless, expensive, and expansive military adventurism; our entangling conspiracy with other pro-Western powers to radicalize the governments of sovereign nations and the opposition movements within them against one another; and our promotion of aggressive war in the name of prevention, containment, humanitarianism, and peace.
If the annual budget of the U.S. military were cut by 80%, the U.S. would still have the largest military budget of any nation. I would vote to cut the military budget in half as soon as possible, which would require reversing just a single decade of excessive spending, and which could be accomplished without cutting funding for any programs which are essential for the purposes of legitimate and responsible self-defense.
I would vote to de-fund our wars and police actions against governments that do not directly or immediately threaten the U.S.; cease the funding, training, armament of foreign armies and opposition groups; close our hundreds of military bases around the world; bring our troops home; end the development of wasteful, unnecessary military technology; drastically decrease U.S. participation in international weapons sales, and defend and secure the homeland first and foremost.
            I would also vote to transition as much of the administration and taxation responsibilities for the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs to the governments of the states as would be efficient, and I would urge the states to transition some of those same responsibilities to the local governments within them, as well as to permit charity organizations which serve veterans to function without government interference.

Foreign Aid

Although foreign aid constitutes only a fraction of a percentage of the federal budget, this aid is wasteful and unnecessary, and it often risks compromising our ability to defend ourselves and act unilaterally and independently.
Foreign aid benefits a select few countries primarily; in recent years, funds for the State of Israel and its neighbors combined have typically constituted nearly 40% of all foreign aid spending. I would describe this and similar practices as the finance of arms races.
I would vote to oppose the spending of foreign aid in this manner, and I would seek to eliminate between $12 and $27 billion in unreported additional federal aid to the State of Israel each year. I would also vote to oppose federal funding for the purposes of arming and training foreign armies and opposition groups.
This would help avoid the risks of blowback, the conditioning of aid recipients to become weakened militarily due to overdependence on foreign aid funding, and the distortions of aid recipients’ civil economies arising from the over-centralization and over-bureaucratization of the administration of government welfare programs, the finance of which becomes more feasible once military aid relieves nations’ burdens of providing for their own self-defense.
Additionally, I would urge the people, local governments, the states, and non-governmental charitable agencies to give to others as they deem appropriate; and vote to oppose attempts by governmental agencies to derive revenue from donations to non-governmental charitable agencies made by persons not consenting to be subjects of the pertinent government.

Israel and Palestine

I believe that agencies of the State of Israel played significant roles in murdering of Americans in the Lavon Affair, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the attacks on the U.S.S. Liberty and the U.S.S. Cole, and the events of September 11th, 2001.
As such, I would vote to decrease and eliminate all military and domestic federal aid to the State of Israel – whose historical record of abuse of religious freedom, human rights, and the freedom of speech risks compromising the morality of all those who even tacitly support it – as well as all aid to the people and government of Palestine.
A small but vocal one percent of Jews worldwide believes that there should be no Jewish sovereignty until the arrival of Mashiach, objects to the Israeli Chief Rabbinate's centralization of religio-juridical authority in the country, believes that local rabbinic courts should be the only sources of religious and military authority, and resents Israel’s status as a self-defined “Jewish… state”.
I would strongly urge the Israeli government to de-establish itself – and to refrain from preventing the enactment of the aforementioned reforms – as soon as possible within the next 221 years.
I do not believe that a two-state solution with full U.N. membership for the Palestinian Territories is necessarily the most thoughtful and humane solution to the greater Israeli-Arab conflict. Those who support this policy should be cautioned that it could cause the self-determination of the Palestinian people to become subordinated to the power of their elected officials and the supranational U.N. governance.

September 11th, 2001

I believe that what happened on September 11th, 2001 was a false-flag operation orchestrated by the American government and the intelligence agencies of the U.K., Saudi Arabia, and the State of Israel; and that the purposes of these events included creating desired artificial deflation, distracting the public and the press from a loss of $2.3 trillion in Pentagon funds, excusing incursions into civil liberties, repressing criticism during the lead-ups to military involvement in Afghanistan, generating sympathy for the U.S. and Israel, and flooding Israel and the West with oil.
Given the 9/11 Commission Report's total omission of information relevant to the collapse of World Trade Center #7, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta's testimony regarding Vice President Cheney's actions on the day of the attacks, and the fact that Cheney and President Bush were permitted to testify to the commission behind closed doors and not under oath, I believe that the commission was a whitewash.
I would vote to support a new, independent, and non-partisan investigation into the events and planning of 9/11, wherein I would strongly urge an extensive probe into the possible complicity of W.T.C. leaseholders Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy, M.O.S.S.A.D.'s counter-terrorism unit Sayeret Matkal, Sayeret Matkal officer and Akamai Technologies co-founder Daniel M. Lewin, Israeli security firm I.C.T.S., Israeli airline Tower Air, and Urban Moving Systems of New Jersey. I believe that such an investigation would be well worth any price in the neighborhood of the $15-million cost of the 9/11 Commission.

The Muslim World

Over the last four decades, the U.S. has financed an arms race between Israel and its neighbors; and colluded with Israel and other Western powers to weaken, destabilize, and plunder Middle Eastern nations' natural resources.
Practicing an diplomatically open, non-interventionist foreign policy would discourage our allies from requesting our military assistance to help them plunder foreign resources, as well as from participating in false-flag attacks on us in order to blackmail, intimidate, and provoke us into attacking their enemies; and save over a hundred thousand lives a year, eventually leading to peace without shame and a better international reputation of the United States.
Today, there are many Americans who hate and fear Islamic law and culture, and believe that the government of this or that given majority-Muslim country was solely responsible for 9/11. I would remind these Americans that tolerance of Islam was publicly promoted in the U.S. in the 1980s in order to inspire antipathy towards the atheist U.S.S.R., and I would defend my view that the planners of 9/11 did not include a government of any majority-Muslim nation which is not hospitable to the West and Israel.
Although much of the culture war between the West and Islam was concocted in order to inspire loyalty to – and sympathy for – the American and Israeli governments, the surge of Muslim sectarian violence over the last 35 years and the existence of territorial Jewish sovereignty have profound implications on the eschatology of all three Abrahamic faiths.
Western interventionism in the Middle East has exacerbated an increasingly violent division between the sects of Islam – as well as the various religions – which, left unchecked, could potentially precipitate an international nuclear holy war. I believe that an expedient reversal of our foreign policy towards Muslim nations could save hundreds of thousands – if not hundreds of millions or even billions – of lives, and I would urge the president to meet with the leaders of Iran.

Homeland Security

Although I believe that September 11th was a false-flag operation – and that poor communication between our intelligence agencies was not a major cause of the attacks – I would vote to support streamlining coordination between our homeland security apparati, if only for the purposes of increasing efficiency and saving resources and revenue.
I would suggest that fiscal incentive and the desire for financial efficiency should also motivate us to restore 4th Amendment rights to travelers, to administer our security apparati without violating the Constitution, and to end government’s abusive monopoly on the provision of security by permitting competition.
I would vote to oppose the Transportation Security Administration’s routine violation of civil liberties, and to permit the states to take up the taxation and administration responsibilities necessary for its administration.
I would also urge the governments of the states to transition at least some of those responsibilities to local governments, urge governments at all levels to permit non-governmental agencies to compete against them to provide secure transportation, and – in the interim – urge commercial airports to apply to the TSA’s Screening Partnership Program and transition to private screening while maintaining TSA oversight.

Europe and Russia

I would vote to support the practice of a diplomatically-open, non-interventionist foreign policy. This would require pursuing the cessation of U.S. partnership to all military alliances and free-trade agreements, and membership in all foreign and multinational governmental agencies and financial organizations.
To make Europe and Russia no exceptions to this policy would help prevent their markets, sovereignty, and self-defense capabilities from becoming weakened and compromised. This would ensure a lack of American complicity in Western-backed coups on oil-producing nations, and help improve our international reputation.
I would vote against the disbursement of federal funding to – and U.S. membership in – N.A.T.O., the U.N., the E.U., the World Bank and the I.M.F., and all governmental agencies and financial institutions claiming Russia and / or European nations as members. This would help allay the risk of the U.S. being further drawn into the European debt crisis. I would also urge Russia to reverse its current financial policy towards Europe.
Additionally, I would urge Russia to continue nuclear talks with the U.S. with the aim of reducing both arsenals tenfold, provided that China agrees to do the same; 150 American nuclear weapons are returned from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy; the U.K., France, Turkey, Pakistan, and India agree to cut their arsenals in half; and Israel agrees to publicly acknowledge its possession of nuclear weapons and to cut its arsenal by at least half.

Latin America

            I would urge people and governments at all levels to strive for a civil society based on the notions of informed and voluntary association, the right to bear arms, the freedom of travel, and corpus delicti.
Taking this stance in regards to our foreign policy towards Latin America, I would vote to oppose expenditures for purposes of enforcing our unconstitutional federal drug laws, aiding foreign governments to enforce similar policies within their own territories, and especially drugs-for-weapons and destabilization operations across the U.S.-Mexico border.
I would vote to end the treatment of Latin America as a protectorate of the United States. This policy – especially in the last half-century – has caused much of Latin America to fall prey to a rash of our Middle-Eastern-style coups and coup attempts, destabilization operations, wars against drug trafficking, and inhibitions of trade.
A diplomatically open, non-interventionist foreign policy towards Latin America should prohibit the use of American force to prevent the nationalization of oil industry by a foreign sovereign government, unless it presents a direct or immediate threat to the U.S.. As such, I would urge the president to meet with the leaders Venezuela.
I would also urge the president to meet with the leaders of Cuba, and vote to support significant military disengagement from Cuba, Central America, Columbia, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Thus far, Western policy towards Africa has done little other than perpetuate a centuries-old economic colonialism by saddling the continent with debt. I would vote that the U.S. cease assisting Western European nations to continue military and financial destabilization operations in Africa.
I would also vote to oppose the disbursement of all federal funds to African nations, to international governmental and financial agencies to which African nations belong, and to charity organizations which donate to Africa; while advocating for the fair and unhindered competition of governmental and non-governmental actors to provide development and relief for the people of Africa.
Additionally, I would vote to remove all U.S. military infrastructure, resources, and personnel from Africa – especially from the nations of Liberia, Mauritania, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, and Botswana – and to oppose the expenditure of federal funds towards the use of government force against agencies of the Chinese civil economy based in Africa.

South and East Asia

I would urge China to participate in talks to reduce its nuclear arsenal tenfold – and Pakistan and India to cut their arsenals in half – provided that the U.S. and Russia agree to cut their arsenals tenfold; 150 American nuclear weapons are returned from Western Europe; the U.K., France, and Turkey agree to cut their arsenals by half; and Israel agrees to publicly acknowledge its possession of nuclear weapons and to cut its arsenal by at least half.
I would vote to return all U.S. military infrastructure, resources, and personnel from – as well as to prevent future military coordination with – the nations of Asia and Oceania, especially Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.
I would urge the governments of China and North Korea to implement rounds of decentralization of decision-making authority over matters of labor and capital. I would also urge Japan to lower its corporate income taxes in order to stimulate domestic capital investment.
Additionally, I would vote to oppose the disbursement of federal funds to Asian and Oceanic nations, to international governmental and financial agencies to which they belong, and to charity organizations which donate to them; while urging all non-federal American governments and non-governmental agencies to compete to provide relief and development to South and East Asia and Oceania.

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Bush Family, World Vision Behind JFK, Lennon, Reagan Shootings

Written in March 2012
Edited in January 2015

The Hinckleys

Jo Ann Hinckley, John Hinckley Sr., Scott Hinckley, and John Hinckley Jr..

     John Warnock Hinckley, Jr. – the man who shot President Ronald Reagan in March 1981 – was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and was subsequently granted unsupervised visits with his family. Had Reagan died, then-Vice-President George H. W. Bush would have succeeded him to the presidency. A copy of J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye” was found in Hinckley’s hotel room.
Hinckley’s father – John Hinckley, Sr. – was the president of the Denver-based Vanderbilt Energy Corporation. Beginning in 1976, he served as the president and as a member of the board of directors of the World Vision International Christian missionary charity organization. It has been alleged that World Vision carried out assassin-recruiting of Communist dissidents for the Central Intelligence Agency.
     John Hinckley Sr.’s son Scott served as the vice-president of Vanderbilt Energy. From 1974 to 1980, Scott Hinckley lived in Lubbock, Texas at the same time that George H. W. Bush’s son Neil lived there. Scott Hinckley had planned to dine at Neil Bush’s Denver home on the night of the attempt on Reagan’s life by Hinckley’s brother John.


The Chapmans

Mark David Chapman

     Three-and-a-half months prior to the shooting of Reagan, Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon to death outside his residence at the Dakota Building in New York City. Chapman’s father – David Curtis Chapman – had served served as a staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force.
     It has been alleged that in 1975 – the same year the Vietnam War ended – Mark David Chapman worked for World Vision International at a refugee camp in Laos, a neighboring country of Vietnam; that Chapman has also done similar work in Lebanon – a neighbor of the State of Israel – and Arkansas. Chapman once shook hands with President Gerald Ford.
     Chapman shot John Lennon – who had claimed to be aware that his phone was being tapped by the FBI in the early 1970s – on December 8th, 1980; a month after the 1980 presidential election, and six weeks prior to the inauguration of President Reagan and Vice-President George H. W. Bush.
     After Lennon was shot – while waiting for the police to arrive – Chapman read J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye”, the same book found in the hotel room of Reagan’s would-be assassin several months later.

The Cuba Connection

Jose Perdomo

Working as a doorman at the Dakota Building the night Lennon died was Jose Perdomo, an anti-Castro exile from Cuba. It has been alleged that Perdomo worked for the C.I.A. as early as 1961, and even that he participated in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion.
It has also been alleged that the code name for the Bay of Pigs invasion was Operation Zapata, which shared a word in common with Bush’s oil company Zapata Off Shore Company; and that the two Navy ships which were used for the invasion were renamed Houston and Barbara, the name of Bush’s residence and the first name of his wife.
George H. W. Bush and the Zapata company have been alleged to have cooperated with the C.I.A. as early as the late 1950s, and two F.B.I. memoranda have been alleged to constitute evidence that such cooperation took place. Before Bush began serving as the Director of the C.I.A. from 1976 to 1977, he testified to Congress had never before worked for the agency.

John F. Kennedy

          On November 22nd, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. George H. W. Bush was present in Dallas that day, but later claimed to have forgotten that fact.
In the month following the assassination, several F.B.I. memoranda pertaining to Kennedy’s death were transmitted to a “Mr. George H. W. Bush, President of the Zapata Off-Shore Drilling Company, Houston, Texas” and to a “George Bush of the C.I.A.”. Bush has claimed not to be that George Bush.

Hand of Death

Left: Henry Lee Lucas.   Right: George W. Bush.

     From 1995 to 2000, George W. Bush served as the Governor of Texas. During this time, 152 inmates in Texas prisons were put to death. The only person Bush ever pardoned from death row was a bestialist and serial killer named Henry Lee Lucas. Lucas received life in prison, after the murder to which he confessed was found to have been a false confession.
     Lucas – who confessed to nearly 200 counts of murder – was the subject of the 1986 film “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer”. Lucas claimed to have been part of the Hand of Death – a cannibalistic, satanic cult – and to have delivered poison to cult leader Jim Jones.

Jim Jones

     Jones – who died in Guyana in 1978 – was the leader of the People’s Temple in Jonestown, Guyana. It has been alleged that Jones was an operative for the C.I.A.; that the death of 1,109 people in Jonestown was the result of a government mind-control experiment; and that World Vision International was involved.
     It has also been alleged that – following the massacre – World Vision developed a scheme to repopulate Jonestown with C.I.A.-linked mercenaries from Laos, the neighboring country of Vietnam where Mark David Chapman allegedly worked at a World-Vision-sponsored refugee camp just three years before the Jonestown massacre.

     In his first year as president, President Obama promised to cut the approximately $300 million in federal funding which World Vision – which today is known for helping provide livestock to third-world families – receives annually, but he has thus far failed to do so.

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Fuck Bill Maher

Bill Maher recently donated $1 million to a pro-Obama super PAC called Priorities USA Action.
Around New Year's Eve, Obama signed the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) for 2012. The NDAA provides that as long as the Secretary of Defense (who happens to be the former director of the CIA) submits to Congress a written certification that such a detention would be in the interest of national security, the President may authorize the Armed Forces to detain U.S. citizens – without a warrant signed by a judge, without trial, and indefinitely – pursuant to the Authorization of the Use of Military Force, which has been used to help justify the detention of terror suspects at Guantanamo. Such a person must be suspected of having – at least – directly supported hostilities against the U.S. and / or its coalition partners.
Ron Paul supporters see this law as a blatant violation of the 4th Amendment, and Ron Paul is the only major presidential candidate who has expressed opposition to it.
Obama has also used his power to have three U.S. citizens assassinated. Attorney General Eric Holder has even stated that terror suspects – even if they have been acquitted – should be held as enemy combatants. We now live in a country where the president can assassinate and indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without charges, trial, or legal representation.
Even though many prominent politicians have expressed the sentiment that the Constitution affords special legal immunities to U.S. citizens over non-citizens (it doesn't), even the immunities of citizens are beginning to be broken down in the aforementioned manners.
What's more – despite a total lack of hard evidence that Iran's nuclear energy program is being used to develop nuclear weapons – Obama has not ceased to annually promise AIPAC (the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee, the most influential pro-Israel lobby in the U.S.) that the U.S. will do whatever it takes to stop Iran from developing or obtaining nuclear weapons, and the media are playing up self-defensive rhetoric from Iran as aggressive, and all this at a time when we have never been closer to a possible Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, which carries with it a strong likelihood of U.S. involvement.
Many Americans are concerned that U.S.-Israeli offensive action against Iran could provoke Russian, Chinese, and / or Pakistani retaliatory action, and may even set off a (potentially nuclear) WWIII.
As much as the entertainment industry, as well as rational and secular segments of American culture, have benefited by Bill Maher's ridicule of the Christian religious right, his documentary "Religulous" – aside from its treatment of Christianity – (in my view) shows a characterization of Islam and Muslims as violent, and of Iran and its president as madmen bent on the destruction of Israel and the West.
I feel that Maher’s promotion of this effigy plays on the worst kinds of racism and fear ingrained in the American mindset, and justifies the long-standing knee-jerk support of Israel, and of the U.S.-British-Israeli wars-for-oil which have been destroying the Muslim world, killing American soldiers, and crippling our economy for decades.
“Religulous” spent all of two minutes discussing Judaism, and I feel that Maher deliberately chose the most controversial figure he could find (Rabbi Yisroel Weiss of the ultra-Orthodox activist group Neturei Karta). Not only did Maher cut-off that interview prematurely, but he blocked (not even glossed-over) any serious discussion of the lack of religious justification for the creation of the State of Israel; selectively edited from the interview to make it appear that the rabbi would accept the genocide of his fellow Jews; repeated the oft-heard, distorted line that the leader of Iran wants to “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth”; and cast Neturei Karta’s having made peace with – and expressed gratitude to – the Iranians as treasonous and suicidal.
I feel that Maher is being very callous in choosing what to discuss on his show and in his film. He clearly has an agenda, and could be described as a member of what some call “the controlled left”. He (rightfully) bashes “the controlled right”, but this false dialogue – which is set up by the media and the political and intellectual elite – is no honest replacement for serious, genuine political discussion.
While I would admit that – even though many Americans get their news from comedy news programs – Maher, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert do not technically have any obligation to behave with journalistic integrity, their politically-motivated “comedy” is inciteful and reckless, and promulgates a binary, all-or-nothing dialogue in our political culture, in which the economic left is cast as the omniscient, omnibenevolent torch-bearer of intellectual progress in our society, and any inkling of honesty or creative solutions among the right is cast as old-fashioned, hateful, and dangerous.
My problem with Bill Maher is not primarily that he doesn’t attract attention to issues and views that I would like him to, but that he pretends to welcome an open dialogue with figures whose views are worth examining in-depth, and proceeds to ridicule them, and pass the exchanges off as “entertainment”, while his viewers are distracted with laughter long enough to delay their examination of the issues until after a potential full-scale international military conflagration.
The Israel / Iran issue is coming to a head this summer or fall, and it is an issue that deserves to be treated very gently. The notion that it is acceptable to laugh-off and ridicule controversial, thought-provoking figures in the mounting Israel-Iran conflict as religious nut-jobs is very offensive and frightening to me, not just as a peace-loving, politically-aware person, but also as a young person who is still eligible for selective service.
I do not want to die at the age of 25 fighting innocent Iranians (80 million inhabitants), Russians (140 million), Pakistanis (180 million), and Chinese (1.4 billion), and others (amounting to 15% or more of the world’s population) in a nuclear WWIII because taxpaying supporters of the Democratic establishment think Bill Maher is funny, and I don’t want my younger friends to either.
For Bill Maher – who has expressed support for non-interventionist presidential candidate Ron Paul – to give $1 million to a PAC supporting a president who has done nothing to curb the power of this military-industrial-complex police-state which I am ashamed to call my country borders on a kind of treason against his fellow citizens, and all this at a time of widespread citizen outrage at the effect of large amounts of soft money being hurled at elections in order to procure privileges for special and foreign interests.
I hope you will bear all this in mind the next time you watch “Real Time”, and especially when Maher discusses foreign policy and defends the president.

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