Tuesday, December 1, 2020

If Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself, Then Isn't it Possible That He's Still Alive?

      After Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide by hanging on August 10th, 2019, independent researchers have looked at the physical evidence in the case (especially the corpse's hyoid bone) and questioned whether the death was indeed caused by self-inflicted hanging.
     Most independent researchers agree that "Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself", a phrase which spawned a meme, resulting in people yelling it on the TV news.
     But shouldn't the probability that Epstein didn't kill himself, perhaps point to the possibility that he never died in the first place? That is to say, what if someone smuggled him out of his jail cell a few hours before the reported suicide, and someone in the jail who looks like Epstein was made to take his place?
     That is, indeed, what some researchers into the matter have concluded is a possibility. Such researchers have pointed to photographs of Epstein's nose and ear, which seemed to look different in pictures of Epstein while he was alive, and the photographs of the corpse found in Epstein's cell.
     This is one example (Warning: The following images depict a DEAD BODY and one of them is very graphic):


     Some researchers even believe that Epstein's body was replaced with the corpse of Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain, who hosted a travel and food show for C.N.N., died, apparently of suicide by hanging, on June 8th, 2018. Bourdain had gray hair like Epstein, and kind of looked like him. But that possibility is not what I'd like to focus on.

     The next image shows my analysis of the "Epstein Alive / Epstein Dead" comparison photographs.

     That set of images aside, I will next focus on Epstein's nose. Epstein did not seem to have a crooked nose during his life, but the photograph of his corpse seems to show a nose which is bent slightly to the right.

     Finally, the dental records of Epstein and the corpse found in his cell, need to be examined and compared. I say that because Epstein has a right front tooth which may or may not be on an odd angle ,and pushed forward as compared to the rest of his teeth.
     To the contrary, however, there is a noticeable gap between that tooth and the tooth to its right, in both the corpse photo shown by Fox News, and photographs of Epstein when he was alive. That gap is also visible on photographs of the left side of Epstein's mouth, but the angle of his left front tooth is apparently not as pronounced and/or not as far forward as is his right front tooth.
     Readers should nose that it's entirely possible that the two images below do not depict any real differences between Epstein's teeth and the corpse's teeth. But the image directly below might. The only way to know for sure would be to look at physical dental records, i.e. molds of the set(s) of teeth which are available for discovery by attorneys.

Another photo of Epstein's corpse,
with bent right front tooth and gap visible.

     I will admit that the image above does look an awful lot like Jeffrey Epstein if he were dead. But my doubt remains.
     What if someone at the prison where Epstein supposedly died, was in cahoots with someone who wanted to set Epstein free? If that was the case, and someone else was put in Epstein's cell and murdered, then the man obviously must have been chosen based on how much he resembled Epstein.
     How many old Jewish men with gray hair, would such a prison employee have access to, to find someone who looks enough like Epstein to take his place? Probably not very many. And we can only speculate as to how many old Jewish inmates at that prison had irregular right and/or left front teeth. But all it would take is access to a photo database of inmates. If someone high up in the government who favored Epstein, of which there are many, were to give the OK, classified software that's only for prosecutors could have been used. For all we know, all the inmates in the State of New York were searched to find the perfect match for Epstein.
      Anyway, that's the only thing that would explain the extreme similarity between pictures of Epstein when he was alive, and that of the corpse found in his cell. The evidence is unclear and incomplete, but these photographs are nonetheless worth examining for anyone interested in making a serious inquiry into this matter.

     Researchers into Epstein's death, whether acting independently or in official capacity, should look at the differences between the ear shape, nose shape, and right and left front teeth, of Jeffrey Epstein when he was alive, as compared to those of the corpse which was found in his cell on August 10th, 2019.

     Epstein had a lot of enemies; people who didn't want him to talk. But he also had a lot of friends; people whom he'd financed, and helped house, and pay for their education. He also seemed to have found rape-slaves for a lot of his friends.
     The point being this: Someone could have smuggled him out. Sure, on one level, he was a fraudulent banker who had maybe betrayed a few too many people, and was about to talk. But on another level, he was one of the most elite child traffickers in the world, friends of presidents and kings. He almost certainly remains so.
     Are we supposed to believe that Epstein died in his cell, instead of fleeing to Israel, or Saudi Arabia, or London, or somewhere in the Virgin Islands, or to the homes of one of his many wealthy and powerful friends? Ghislaine Maxwell founded a submarine "nonprofit" (called the TerraMar Project). Epstein could be under the sea, for fuck's sake! He could be transiting from underground fuck-lair, to submarine port, to under the sea, to submarine port, to other underground fuck-lair, right now.
     Not only that; Epstein was friends with numerous elite scientists, such as Bill Gates and Steven Pinker, and probably even procured children for them. For all we know, Jeffrey Epstein could be hiding out in a secret space colony. Sound farfetched? Keep in mind that we're talking about a man who had begun to build clone farms to impregnate twenty women at a time. That wasn't reported by the National Enquirer; it was reported by the New York Times. Anyone who wants to impregnate dozens of women is trying to create either an army or a race of super-babies.
     The point is, Epstein was an insane psychopath, to whom imagination was his only limit. There's literally no telling where he could be.

     Moreover, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire of all places. From the sound of things, Epstein could be under your child's bed tonight.

     Look at the dental records. Do justice to Epstein's and Maxwell's victims. Prosecute Maxwell, find Jeffrey Epstein, and put all of the British royal family and all of Epstein's friends who knew about this, and said nothing while the public stood in darkness and children suffered, and put them all in prison for the rest of their lives.
     The "duly-elected representatives" (slavemasters) of the "sovereign governments" (child trafficking operations) of the world will have Hell to pay if they are not found and brought to justice.

Written on December 1st, 2020

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